Joel Embiid celebrates Real Madrid’s win with word that entered French lexicon thanks to Barcelona

Real Madrid continues their brilliant season with an impressive win in La Liga. The Spanish club found themselves trailing 2-0 at halftime against last-placed Almeria. However, thanks to heroics from Jude Bellingham, Vinicius Jr., and Dani Carvajal, they secured a remarkable 3-2 comeback victory.

This win is not the first, nor the most thrilling comeback victory for the team, as they have accomplished it on various occasions before. Interestingly, a certain NBA superstar also expressed his appreciation for the victory, using a word that was formerly associated with rivals Barcelona.

Joel Embiid celebrates Real Madrid’s victory with Barcelona reference

NBA and Philadelphia 76ers superstar Joel Embiid, known to be an avid fan of Real Madrid, regularly posts on Twitter during and after their matches. He previously supported them in the 2022 UCL final against LeBron James’ Liverpool, and even predicted that Kylian Mbappe will move to the club.

After the team managed to grab the winner in extra time of the game through a Dani Carvajal striker, Joel Embiid immediately took to his Twitter to show his love for the club. He wrote a post saying, “La Remontada #HalaMadrid”.

However, fans have noticed Embiid’s use of the word Remontada in his post. The word is Spanish for ‘comeback’ and first became widely used in the sport around 2017 when FC Barcelona managed to grab a historic 6-1 victory at Camp Nou in the UCL semi finals 2nd leg over Paris Saint Germain to overcome a 4-0 deficit in the first leg.

The word ‘La Remondata’ was used to describe the famous comeback victory, as it became one of the best matches ever in soccer history. Since then, it has entered the French dictionary as well to demonstrate a great comeback. Remondata is now common in the soccer lingo, and used extensively by many people in the sport.

Real Madrid trailing Girona in thrilling La Liga race

However, despite the great win, Real Madrid cannot rest now. They find themselves once again in the second spot in La Liga, with Girona retaking the top spot as league leaders.

This shift occurred after Girona’s impressive 5-1 victory over Sevilla as their fairytale season continues. The club has proven to be a formidable force this season, defeating the likes of Barcelona and Atletico Madrid.

Real Madrid
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Girona are currently on top with 52 points in 21 games so far, while Real are one point behind though they have played one less game. So, it is in the favor of the Los Blancos, as they can regain their lead if they win their next match.

Both clubs are strongly in the title race, and actively battling for it. Real Madrid will next face Las Palmas in La Liga next Sunday, as they will look to become the league leaders with a good win.

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