Joel Embiid injury update: reviewing the latest developments on Sixers C

The Philadelphia 76ers are facing challenges this season, with star center Joel Embiid frequently sidelined, and he was recently ruled out of the match against the Denver Nuggets.

The ongoing issue with Joel Embiid’s frequent absence is becoming a cause for concern. If this trend continues, there’s a serious risk of him facing penalties, including the possibility of being excluded from individual awards due to consistently missing games.

Joel Embiid injury update

Fans were excited for the clash between the two top centers in the NBA as the Philadelphia 76ers were scheduled to face the Denver Nuggets on Saturday. However, their excitement was dampened as the 76ers chose to sideline their star center.

Joel Embiid participated in warmups, but after careful consideration, the Sixers staff made the decision to rest him. According to ESPN’s Senior NBA Insider Adrian Wojnarowski, Embiid was ruled out of the game due to left knee soreness.

Joel Embiid

The clash between the two MVP candidates, Nikola Jokic and Joel Embiid, was left to be an unfulfilled desire as Embiid has not played in Denver since 2019. Without their star center, the Sixers were an easy opponent for the Nuggets as their ace Nikola Jokic did what he usually does. He scored 26 points and the Nuggets won with a final score of 111-105.

Embiid’s MVP contendership under threat

Joel Embiid’s frequent absence from games this season is raising significant concerns for the star player. The implementation of the new Player Participation Policy by the NBA headquarters means that players who miss games, particularly nationally televised ones, face penalties.

Under the PPP, a player who misses 65 games in a season is disqualified from being nominated for any individual awards, including the prestigious league MVP award.

With Joel Embiid having missed approximately 59 games, he is now just 6 games away from being automatically disqualified from being nominated for the League MVP award under the Player Participation Policy. This would be a very heartbreaking scenario for all the 76ers fans and the player himself as he is one of the greatest talents in the league right now and is among the favorites to win the award.

What do you think about Joel Embiid missing out on games? Do you think he would be disqualified from the MVP nominations in the coming games? We are eager to hear your thoughts, so drop them down in the comments and let us know.

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