John Cena joins Savannah Bananas in crossover no one saw coming

John Cena, adored by a great number of people, has seamlessly transitioned from wrestling to Hollywood. Recently, the 16-time WWE champion surprised everyone by making a unique entrance into the world of baseball by joining the Savannah Bananas squad.

In his debut, Cena played with Split, the team’s mascot, also known as the King of Potassium. Despite the unexpected occasion, Cena displayed his lighter side and claimed he had trouble seeing strikes.

John Cena takes the field for Savannah Bananas

Famous WWE and film actor John Cena had an unsuccessful baseball stint with the Savannah Bananas. Cena tried several batting positions to earn a walk in his first game, but he went hitless. Sounds strange, but it’s true that recently the WWE superstar teamed up with the notoriously offbeat Savannah Bananas for a baseball game.

John Cena
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Cena is just one of many famous guests who have lent their talents to the Savannah Bananas’ distinctive brand of baseball. A video of John Cena’s classic ring entrance—which includes his colleagues jumping in with the “You can’t see me” gesture—went viral when he entered the arena while his WWE entrance music, “The Time is Now,” played.

To the delight of the spectators, however, Cena’s unusual batting position resulted in a strikeout.  Whatever the case may be, Cena’s antics with the umpire and the other pitcher kept wrestling and baseball fans entertained. Cena showed excellent sportsmanship by not challenging the pitcher but instead congratulating him on the victory.

John Cena once threw a pitch at Dodgers game

John Cena’s inaugural pitch took place at Dodger Stadium. Back in August 2009, during WWE’s SummerSlam, Cena tossed the ceremonial first pitch at a Los Angeles Dodgers game. It was all part of WWE’s Hollywood Blitz, adding to the excitement surrounding Cena’s upcoming championship match against Randy Orton at SummerSlam, held at the Staples Center in LA that weekend. 

The official website of WWE has every single picture from the particular event. According to Heyman hustle, “WWE’s Hollywood Blitz continued as John Cena threw out the ceremonial 1st pitch at Dodgers Stadium as The Los Angeles Dodgers took on the Chicago Cubs on Thursday, August 20th.”

 John Cena
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