John Cena sends special message to Mark Henry’s son, Jacob

John Cena, the 16-time WWE Champion, has been the face of the WWE for the last twenty years. Cena’s extensive fan base, particularly among children, sets him apart as a cherished figure within the WWE industry. Cena is best known for his inspirational messages, and his ‘Never Give Up’ catchphrase has motivated many people around the globe.

Cena has also praised other AEW stars in the past, such as MJF and Max Caster, for their skills and charisma. Recently, Cena has warmly praised the son of former WWE World Champion Mark Henry, Jacob Henry, for achieving a new milestone in his upcoming wrestling career.

John Cena sends message to Jacob Henry

Yesterday on twitter, WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry’s 18 year old son, Jacob Henry, who has been involved in a variety of sports, posted a tweet by mentioning the University of Oklahoma. Jacob is now officially a part of University of Oklahoma, where he will join the wrestling program for the first time.

John Cena sent him a heartfelt message on X, saying, “An amazing achievement and an incredible opportunity! Congratulations on the announcement and the road ahead !!” It is evident that Cena has been impressed by Jacob’s achievement and wished him success in the new path of his career.

Oklahoma University is one of the top wrestling schools in the country and has produced many Olympic and NCAA champions. Former WWE star and 2 time United States Champion, Jack Swagger was also a part of the Oklahoma University.

Mark Henry on his feud with the John Cena

During a recent interview with Heavy, Mark Henry opened up about his feud with John Cena, including a memorable clash at Money in the Bank 2013, where Cena retained the WWE Championship against Henry.

He said, “The other one is after my retirement speech and I turned on John Cena which is one of the more historical wrestling moments in history. I was so beat up that I wanted to go home, that I didn’t really wanna wrestle no more. I should have told them, ‘Nah, I’m not gonna go home.’ Like, let’s run a six-month program and we could’ve had many matches, but you know, I was ready to go.”

Henry also said that he would have become the WWE Champion if he didn’t reveal his retirement plans to the WWE Creative team. Additionally, he mentioned that he might have held the title for an additional six months if he hasn’t engaged in discussions with the WWE team

John Cena and Mark Henry
via WWE

However, Mark Henry retired in 2018, after his last match at the Greatest Royal Rumble event. In April 2018, WWE honored the ‘World Strongest Man’ by inducting him into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2018. He was a part of WWE untill 2021 and joined AEW as coach and commentator in 2021.

On the otherhand, the WWE fans are eagerly expecting the return of John Cena to the WWE, hoping he secures another WWE title and surpasses Ric Flair’s record.


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