Jordan Love opens up about implanting Patrick Mahomes’ no look passes to his game

The Kansas City Chiefs team and their coach Andy Reid must have seen something in Patrick Mahomes during his college days that prompted them to replace the team’s vet starter Alex Smith with Mahomes. Since then, Pat let them understand the worthiness of their decision by winning three Super Bowls for them while winning a back-to-back one.

The Chiefs’ starting quarterback has thus emerged as a source of inspiration for numerous young quarterbacks, including the starting quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, Jordan Love. 

Jordan Love reveals his Patrick Mahomes inspiration

Jordan Love shared insights into his game strategy and unveiled a surprising source of motivation during a recent episode of the ‘Aleda Collective Podcast. Love expressed his admiration for Patrick Mahomes and his desire to incorporate Mahomes’ dynamic style into his own play. He also noted the unique approach that Mahomes brings to the game, referencing his three Super Bowl MVPs.

“I think the way he plays the position, you know, the creativity he has at the quarterback position is awesome,” Love said, per Spot Rush.

Mahomes’ ability to unleash unconventional throws, including off-platform passes and no-look throws even while on the move, has captured Love’s attention.

“The different arm angles and throws and no-look passes and just the crazy cool plays that he makes is something that you know, I look up to.”

Love’s journey in the NFL began as the understudy to four-time MVP Aaron Rodgers, learning the details of the quarterback position from one of the best game-changer quarterbacks. Later with Rodgers’ departure from the Packers last season, Love stepped into the spotlight as the team’s full-time starter, eager to put his skills to the test.

Love’s unexpected revelation about drawing inspiration from Mahomes caught many by surprise, as fans and analysts had anticipated him emulating Rodgers’ style of play. Love’s openness to adopting a new approach demonstrates his enthusiasm for growing as a quarterback and forging his own trajectory with the Packers.

Patrick Mahomes’ no-look passes convinced Chiefs to land him

Patrick Mahomes has become synonymous with innovation on the football field, captivating audiences with his uncanny ability to execute the elusive no-look pass. Behind the scenes, the genesis of Mahomes’ no-look pass can be traced back to a pivotal moment that caught the attention of Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt.

In a recent conversation with Kevin Clark at the League Meetings, Hunt shared insights into the revelation that convinced him of Mahomes’ exceptional talent. He revealed, shedding light on the behind-the-scenes scouting process that led to Pat’s arrival in Kansas City.

“Brett Veach would periodically send me clips of Patrick in practice… including no-look passes,” Hunt said.

The no-look pass, traditionally a move associated with basketball, has found new life on the football field through Mahomes’ innovative approach. It epitomizes a quarterback’s ability to command the field with unparalleled vision and swagger, defying conventional norms with each precision throw.

For the 28-year-old quarterback, the no-look pass isn’t just a flashy trick—it’s a strategic weapon that he wields with mastery and precision. He has already elevated the art of quarterbacking to new heights, turning the no-look pass into his signature move.

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