Jordan Love reluctant to focus on comparisons, sheds light on bond with Aaron Rodgers

The New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers knows how bad it feels to get less encouragement from his predecessor, Brett Favre during his initial stint with the Green Bay Packers. Hence, the star player himself did not let his own successor, Jordan Love, carry the same heart since he left the Packers, leaving dominance for the young star in Green Bay.

Meanwhile, Love also consistently acknowledges the support and encouragement provided by Rodgers, particularly following their game against the Detroit Lions.

Jordan Love talks on the relationship with Aaron Rodgers

Amidst the anticipation and speculation surrounding Jordan Love’s arrival in Green Bay, tensions simmered between the young quarterback and the established veteran, Aaron Rodgers. Despite Rodgers’ initial reservations about the Packers’ decision to draft Love, their relationship remained surprisingly amicable, as Love himself attested during an appearance on the “Thanalysis Show” podcast.

The Packers’ starter boldly claimed that the predecessor and successor “got a good relationship” despite admitting Patrick Mahomes as his ideal guy.

“Me and Aaron definitely got a good relationship,” he said.

After being chosen by the Packers as the 26th overall pick in the 2020 NFL draft, Love spent three seasons as Aaron Rodgers’ understudy. During this time, he gleaned valuable insights into the nuances of the quarterback position from the seasoned four-time MVP. 

Following Rodgers’ departure from the Packers the previous season, Love seized the opportunity to assume the role of the team’s primary starter, per A to Z Sports.

“Obviously, I was in the quarterback room with him. When you’re in that room together you’re there every day for multiple hours a day so you build a relationship with everyone in that room.”

Meanwhile, when Rodgers got struck with a season-ending injury in his debut season with the Jets, Love emerged as a franchise quarterback for the Packers, leading them to playoffs last season. 

 Aaron Rodgers praised Jordan Love after Packers beat Lions

Rather than succumbing to animosity or rivalry regarding speculation of Jordan Love surpassing him, Rodgers displayed remarkable support for his successor, as evidenced by his heartfelt comments during an appearance on the Pat McAfee show last year.

The Jets’ starter shared his utmost love and encouraging words to his successor, Jordan Love, following his successor’s stunning performance against the Detroit Lions in Thanksgiving day.

“I thought Jordan Love played one of his better games on Thanksgiving and he threw it really well,” Rodgers said.

Throughout the season, Rodgers made a great effort to uplift and encourage Love, recognizing the challenges and pressures inherent in succeeding a legendary quarterback like himself. Hence, he also encouraged his successor via message

“I sent J a message after Thanksgiving, he played awesome. That was a big win. Jordan is a great kid, people are getting to see his ability and his progression.”

The connection between Rodgers and Love has been noteworthy since the start of the previous season. Immediately following the Packers’ victory over the Chicago Bears in Week 1, Rodgers extended his congratulations to Love. 

Similarly, when Rodgers sustained an injury during Week 1, Love reciprocated by reaching out to offer his support and well wishes to the four-time MVP.

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