Josh Allen Trade Rumors: Is Bills’ QB likely play for the Giants next season?

After being selected as the No. 7 overall pick by the Bills in the 2018 NFL Draft, Josh Allen has played a crucial role in helping the Buffalo Bills secure playoff berths for the past five seasons. Nevertheless, the divisional round of the playoffs saw his Super Bowl aspirations dashed by the Kansas City Chiefs.

Amid this disappointment, swirling rumors suggest that both the Bills’ starter and the team might be contemplating their decisions moving forward into the next season, raising questions about the future ties between Allen and Buffalo.

Is Josh Allen likely to move to Giants next season?

Speculation is swirling around the possibility of Josh Allen considering a move to the New York Giants. The rumors gained momentum following a tweet from NFL and NY Giants insider Wesley Steinberg suggesting that Allen might seek a new team after feeling let down by the Bills. 

Steinberg even proposed that reuniting with Giants Head Coach Brian Daboll in the NFC could be Allen’s preferred destination.

“Bills QB Josh Allen could look for a move away from Buffalo after feeling let down again by his team last night. A move to the NFC and reuniting with now Giants HC Brian Daboll would be Allen’s preferred destination,” he wrote.

While the tweet sparked speculation, there has been no official confirmation from Allen or the teams involved. However, discussions intensified around the Lions starter’s cap hit, which is set to increase to $47.1 million next season. It marks a significant jump from $18.6 million in the 2023 season.

This isn’t the first time Allen has been linked to the Giants. Last November, Evan Roberts of WFAN’s “Evan and Tiki” suggested a potential trade between the Bills and the Giants. Former Giants place kicker Lawrence Tynes even threw out a hypothetical trade idea involving Daniel Jones and future first-round picks for Allen, as per

The notion suggests that if the trade were to materialize, the Giants would embark on a rebuilding phase with Allen at the helm.

Josh Allen reflects his playoff defeat to the Chiefs

Following the Bills’ playoff defeat to the Kansas City Chiefs, Josh Allen reflected on the disappointment and the challenges that come with losing in the postseason during his post-game press conference. 

“Losing’s never fun. It’s a part of the game. It’s the second-worst part of the game, obviously injuries are the worst part.”

Despite the disappointment, the 27-year-old pointed out that experiencing defeat is an inherent aspect of playing the game. He stated that such setbacks serve as motivation, making victories even more special. 

“It’s the reason you play this game because you don’t want to feel this way. But when you do feel this way, it makes winning all the more special.This isn’t something we’re going to run from. It’s not something we’re going to hide from. We’ve gotta take it on the chin, continue to learn and get better.”

In a crucial moment during Sunday’s 27-24 playoff loss, Josh Allen orchestrated a drive that positioned his team to potentially force overtime. The set-up for a 44-yard field goal attempt by Tyler Bass with just 1 minute and 47 seconds left in the game became a pivotal moment. Unfortunately, Bass missed the kick wide right, leading to the Bills’ playoff exit. 

The rookie kicker faced considerable backlash from frustrated fans, prompting him to deactivate his social media accounts. Despite the adversity, Allen emerged as a vocal supporter, standing by his teammate during this challenging time.

While the disappointment of the playoff exit lingers, attention has shifted to Josh Allen as trade speculation circulates among Bills fans. As the NFL Conference Championship unfolds, the focus remains on the Bills’ star quarterback and the potential developments in the offseason. 


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