Kevin Magnussen kids: How many does the Haas driver have?

Kevin Magnussen started out his Formula One career with McLaren, but faced challenges when it came to finding his place within bigger teams such as Renault and McLaren. However, after joining the smaller, independent racing operation, he immediately felt a sense of belonging.

The 2020 Formula One season was Magnussen’s last, but he still couldn’t shake his “childhood dream.” This led to his remarkable comeback to the sport in 2022. Now, turning our attention to his family, let’s explore further details.

How many kids does Kevin Magnussen have?

Danish Formula One racer Kevin Magnussen has two kids, and he is very proud of them. His first daughter Laura was born in 2021, while his second daughter Agnes was born in 2023. Magnussen tied the knot with Louise Gjørup in 2019.

Magnussen is a member of the Haas F1 Team that faced issues regarding ownership before, and the couple now resides in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Magnussen’s father, Jan Magnussen, is also a former Formula One driver and a four-time Le Mans winner. Kevin Magnussen’s career has had its ups and downs, including a challenging period between 2008 and 2009 when he faced financial difficulties and had to leave racing to work as a factory welder.

However, he made a notable comeback in 2022, rejoining Haas and signing a multi-year deal with the team.

Haas driver’s daughter steals the show at Abu Dhabi GP

Prior to his qualifying session at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Kevin Magnussen was pleasantly surprised to find his daughter Laura waiting for him in the Haas garage. Laura helped him put on his helmet and gloves, and this adorable moment quickly became a viral sensation on social media.

Even with his daughter’s encouragement, the Danish driver had a terrible race and finished seventeenth.

Regardless, Magnussen will still have cause to celebrate off the beaten path this year—the joyful arrival of his second daughter.

He announced this in July, visibly showing his euphoric nature by saying, “Laura is now a big sister. Welcome to the world, Agnes. We love you so much. You’re [his wife, Louise Gjørup] a superstar.”

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