Kisha Chavis hellbent on continuing OF career despite relationship with husband Joe Smith boiling over

Former NBA player Joe Smith and her Wife Kisha Chavis have been making the headlines recently. The couple came into the public’s attention when a video of them arguing went viral on YouTube. Smith was upset after discovering that his beloved wife had an OnlyFans (OF) account.

Although the couple officially tied the knot in 2018, Chavis stated that she and Smith have been together since 2012. With their relationship going through a rough patch, a possible separation doesn’t seem far-fetched, especially since Chavis is determined to continue her OnlyFans career.

Kisha Chavis set to continue OF despite discourse with Joe Smith

Joe Smith’s anger would be more understandable if he hadn’t known about his wife Kisha Chavis’ OnlyFans account. However, Kisha claimed that it wasn’t a recent revelation, as she hadn’t kept it a secret. She explained that the link to her OnlyFans account had been on her Instagram for a significant period, and Smith could have discovered it long ago.

Chavis blamed Smith for not taking care of her and said that he found out about the OF account through another woman. She also blamed the former NBA player for having financial issues and claimed that she had to always take care of herself financially.

She defended herself and said that she had an OnlyFans account and not a relationship with her subscribers and alleged to be not cheating on the former baller. “I made an executively right decision when my man did not care for me. I still love Joe, I do,” said Kisha Chavis.

Former NBA star left the house after heated argument

While Kisha Chavis defended herself and explained that she was not at fault, Joe Smith could not hold his anger and left the house after the heated argument. Chavis confirmed that Joe had left the house and was living away from her at her sister’s house. She reportedly said, “He (Joe Smith) is pretty pissed off at me. I think he is at his sister’s house. He is not talking to me right now.”

The former NBA player had a 16-year-long career during which he earned around $61 million. So it’s somewhat surprising that Smith faced financial problems. Chavis mentioned at the end of her interview that it’s unlikely a divorce will occur between them. However, judging by Smith’s anger, it seems like it will take some time for things to be resolved.

Kisha Chavis
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What do you think of Kisha Chavis having an OF account? Is Joe Smith right to be angry about it? We are eager to know your thoughts, so drop them down in the comments to let us know.

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