Klay Thompson lavishes praise on Stephen Curry’s “insane” jump shot

Klay Thompson, since his NBA Draft by the Warriors in 2011, has been a Dub through and through. During his time with the West coast franchise, Thompson had the privilege to play with some of the best talents the NBA has to offer.

That privilege is yet to be snatched away from him as the guard still relishes the company of Stephen Curry. But what does he enjoy the most about Curry’s b-ball brilliance? Klay Thompson himself has lifted the lid on the matter.

Klay Thompson hails Stephen Curry for amazing jump shot

Klay Thompson has never shied away from complimenting his teammate, the Warriors star Stephen Curry and he did it yet again on his recent appearance at “The Draymond Green Show.”

While talking to Dray, Thompson spoke about Curry’s jump shot which amazed him and left him wondering how the 36-year-old shoots so accurately from a longer distance with such ease. Speculating that the 3-point genius uses his legs to load his jumper, Klay stated per NBC Sports, “Whether it be from the dribble, off the catch – it’s insane.”

Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry
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The swingman further added, “That’s what I admire, just his ability to shoot from all different angles and feet positions. As long as Steph’s shoulders are square to the basket, it’s got a chance of going in, and that’s where I’m really impressed with him … just how quickly he gets it off.”

Curry has frequently mesmerized hoop lovers with his exceptional shooting skills and made his way up among the best shooters in the NBA. Thompson, being a shooting specialist himself, acknowledging and praising the Warriors guard’s jump shot goes on to show the impact that Curry has among his peers.

Apart from discussing Curry’s brilliance, the Warriors’ veterans covered several topics which included Thompson’s future at the franchise.

Klay Thompson’s Warriors future still in doubt

There have been a lot of assessments and predictions made about Klay Thompson’s future in the Golden State in recent times. His Instagram stories gave rise to linkups with other franchises, but those could seemingly be smoke without fire. The Warriors’ guard himself decided to speak up about his uncertain future.

Expressing his desire to stay with the Warriors, Klay said, “I want to re-sign with the [Warriors], but I also have to prioritize my mental health and lay out what is important to me at this point in my career.”

Klay Thompson
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The 34-year-old finds it hard to believe that he is in the final season of his contract, however, Klay is aware of the physical condition required to continue playing at the same level. The 5-time All-Star said that he currently wants to focus on the remaining time he has in the league and enjoy till it lasts.

Despite the uncertainty and sloppy start at the beginning of the season along with getting on the wrong foot with HC Steve Kerr, Klay Thompson has been pulling off huge numbers on the Warriors’ scorecard averaging 17.6 points, 3.3 rebounds, and 2.3 assists per game.

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