Knicks star Josh Hart believes Jimmy Butler’s ‘maniac competitive side’ loading soon after April ‘side quests’ completed

Jimmy Butler throughout the years has shown he is not your average NBA player. He likes to make statements through his game or his antics off the court. Just like hatching with the masterplan of starting a coffee business during the pandemic bubble, the 34-year-old’s thought process shows a great adaptive side that comes clutch when he needs the most.

The need arrives in the late season when his team finds itself in the fight for play-offs and during the play-offs. NY Knicks player Josh Hart has now shed some light on this sudden change of focus for Jimmy Buckets.

Josh Hart talks on Jimmy Butler’s competitive nature

Following a loss against the Miami Heat, Knicks’ Josh Hart assessed how Jimmy Butler intensifies his game during the latter end of the season that might sound amusing but is precise.

Talking to the reporters in a postgame interview, the Knicks forward said, “Jimmy kind of does side quests during the year until about April. Then he starts locking in. I’m sure people are going to see that maniac competitive side now that he’s done with the side quests and he’s on to the main quest.”

The Heat’s forward led his team to two NBA Finals by leveling up his performance in the playoff tournament in comparison to the regular season hence the name “Playoff Jimmy” came into being. Butler scored 17 points, 5 rebounds, and 6 assists in the 109-99 win against the NY Knicks securing their position at the 7th spot on the Eastern table. However, the Miami franchise do not need to worry about missing the final playoff spot as Jimmy Butler can carry the team through the play-ins by entering into the heroic mode like he did in the past.

Besides being dedicated to the game, Butler likes to discover his other sides too. Recently the 34-year-old collaborated with the Fall Out Boy to release a music video in his infamous emo look which grabbed the attention of the NBA world last year.

Jimmy Butler once donned the emo look at NBA presser

During the media day at Kaseya Center on Oct. 2, 2023, Jimmy Butler made a bold statement with his new look that stunned the NBA community. The 6-time All-Star was expected to be seen in his dreadlocks that he had for a while, instead he showed up in an entirely unrecognizable appearance.

Butler’s hair was straightened, he had numerous piercings on his eyebrow, nose, and lips and painted his nails black. While talking about the look, the forward said, “I’m very emotional right now. This is my emo state and I like this. This is me. This is how I’ve been feeling as of late.”

With the regular season about to end, the self proclaimed “best basketball player” might not be seen in any other look until the next season as Josh Hart predicts.

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