Kobbie Mainoo nationality: is the Manchester United wonderkid from Ghana?

The soccer world is bustling with new faces in what seems to be every game. Manchester United has one of the best academies in the world, and new midfield sensation Kobbie Mainoo is proof of that. The young midfielder has been an energetic presence for the team and is already starting games.

Mainoo further endeared himself to the fans in the last game against Wolverhampton Wolves, where he scored the last-minute winner in the 4-3 victory. And now, the club player has to decide which country to take his skills to on the international stage.

What is Kobbie Mainoo’s nationality?

His recent heroics have convinced many fans that Kobbie Mainoo should be included in the England national team. However, the player is actually eligible to play for two nations and is yet undecided on which to choose for the rest of his career.

Kobbie was born in Stockport in the Greater Manchester area, where he has lived all his life. He started his career in the academy of the local club Cheadle & Gatley before joining the famous Manchester United academy. Therefore, he has been English all his life, and it makes sense for him to represent them if the opportunity arises.

Kobbie Mainoo
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Furthermore, he has already represented England at the youth levels. He has played at three different youth levels: the U-17, U-18, and U-19 teams, with 6 appearances so far with the U-19 side. So he is no stranger to the English way of playing soccer.

However, Kobbie also has Ghanaian citizenship, as both his parents hail from the nation of Ghana. They both moved to England later in life, where Kobbie was born. This means that he can choose to represent the African nation instead of England.

Ghana reportedly persuading Mainoo to represent Ghana

Ghana have been paying close attention to the career of the young Kobbie Mainoo, as they believe he would be a perfect addition to their international team. The 4 time AFCON champions are recently trying to persuade many foreign players with Ghanaian citizenship to play for them.

Randy Abbey, part of the Executive Council for the Ghana Football Association, recently spoke about Kobbie Mainoo. In a statement given to The Times, he confirmed that they are interested in the 18 year old midfielder.

Abbey said, “The Ghana Football Association is interested in monitoring, attracting, and persuading all eligible talents for its various national teams. Kobbie is definitely one of these incredible talents, and the association would love to work with him and many like him at home and abroad.”

While Kobbie Mainoo has played for England at the youth levels, he can still switch to Ghana under FIFA rules. Though the Three Lions will still not want to lose such a talent to another international side.

However, the player has still not made any decision regarding his future yet. For now Kobbie will focus on his next game with Manchester United against West Ham in tomorrow’s Premier League fixture.

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