Kobe Bryant monument has several misspellings that Lakers need to fix

When the passing of Kobe Bryant was announced on January 26, 2020, the world felt paralyzed, with Los Angeles being the epicenter of it. Any quantity cannot measure the legacy left by the late NBA legend but the Lakers made an effort to cement his status in the game with a statue, only befitting the greats.

The statue holds a special place in every NBA lover’s heart, not only the Lakers fans but with concerning details emerging regarding the monument, an understandable disgruntlement has spread through the NBA fans.

Lakers to fix Kobe Bryant statue spellings errors

After Kobe Bryant’s statue was unveiled last month, the NBA community voiced its displeasure over the lack of details, as it did not look similar to the Lakers legend. To make matters worse, now some spelling errors have been spotted on it, making it troublesome for the franchise.

The errors were brought to the public eye by a German journalist, André Voigt, on his social media. For starters, the spelling of Toronto Raptors point guard “Jose Calderon” was written as “Jose Calderson,” “Von Wafer” was misspelt as “Vom Wafer,” and “decision” became “decicion.”

The Lakers announced in a statement, “We have been aware of this for a few weeks and are already working to get it corrected soon.” The franchise has taken on the responsibility of rectifying the errors on the 19-foot statue of Kobe. However, they haven’t made any commitments regarding the time it will take for the correction.

Why did Lakers build Kobe Bryant’s statue?

The Los Angeles franchise planned to build three statues of Kobe Bryant outside the Crypto.com Arena, which was announced by his wife Vanessa Bryant.

The Lakers built his statue to honor their loyal former player and eternalize his legacy. The NBA stated earlier, “The statue will serve as a permanent reminder of Kobe’s great Lakers legacy, where fans from around the world can honor him and remember his incredible basketball journey.”

The first of the three statues was unveiled this year on Feb. 8 in his iconic pose, pointing his index finger up, after he scored a historic career-high 81 points in the game against the Toronto Raptors in jersey no. 8. The 5-time NBA champion’s jerseys 8 and 24 were eventually retired by the franchise following his retirement.

Some brief descriptions of the other statues were also shared, which included the Black Mamba in his number 24 jersey like he wanted and the third one will feature him with his late daughter, Gianna. Since the engravement errors in the first statue came to light, NBA fans can only hope that the next statues will be error-free, just like Kobe Bryant’s unparalleled dedication and desire still inspire millions of people around the world.

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