Laker’s LeBron James on the verge of breaking yet another NBA record after becoming the league’s all-time leading scorer

LeBron James the league’s all-time leading scorer, by all means, assumed he was the most senior basketball player in the league when he entered the 2023–24 NBA season at the age of 38, but to his surprise, ESPN did not list him.

It certainly seems like the “L-Train” has no difficulty being elderly, despite the fact that many NBA players especially from the younger lot quite frequently make fun of him for his age. The Los Angeles Lakers star appears to take joy in it, in fact.

LeBron James very close to becoming the oldest active NBA player

You can only imagine LeBron James’ chagrin when he discovered that he is not currently the oldest active player in the NBA. However, when James saw a visual on Tuesday indicating that he is the second-oldest active NBA player, he became aware of that fact.

The five eldest players in the realm of the NBA league were included in a recent ESPN report accompanied by the caption, “LeBron James is now the 2nd oldest player currently in the NBA.” The 19-time NBA All-Star responded with a really amusing question: “Who’s 1st?? Thought I was the [oldest].”

The 19-time NBA All-Star appeared to still have plenty of gas in the tank after 19 seasons as he almost missed another NBA Championship. In an interview with SiriusXM NBA Radio, James’ agent Rich Paul expressed his ardent belief that James, the league’s oldest active player at 38, has the potential to continue playing until his mid-forties. “He’s one guy that I’m not going to say no about. I think it’s important to understand what really motivates him,” Paul remarked.

Who is the oldest active NBA player?

As per ESPN, Andre Iguodala is currently the oldest player in the NBA. A member of the American national team who took home a gold medal from both the 2010 FIBA World Championship and the 2012 Summer Olympics has nevertheless retired on May 13, 2023.

This occurred immediately following the LA Lakers’ second-round NBA playoff victory against the “Dubs.” LeBron James was ranked second on ESPN’s list, and Taj Gibson, PJ Tucker, and Chris Paul made up the top five players in terms of age.

In a lighthearted manner, a fan account dedicated to LeBron James humorously replied, “He’s not accustomed to being in second place. Another person said, “He always thinks he’s #1 LMAO.” James, who is currently the NBA’s oldest active player and averages 28.9 points, 8.3 rebounds, and 6.8 assists per game, shows no signs of slowing down.

Who is the oldest player in NBA history?

Almost 76 years since the inauguration of the NBA about 4,500 players have participated in its games. In terms of athletic achievement, Nat Hickey, who became the oldest NBA player ever has never been surpassed. The oldest NBA player ever was born in 1948. After the Providence Steamrollers’ 1947–1948 season got off to a 4–25 start, Nat Hickey enlisted himself in the active roster.

LeBron James

Just before turning 46, he only participated in two games, losing both of them while accruing five fouls, scoring two points total, and shooting a combined 0 for 6. Although the figures seem dismal, Hickey set a record that has lasted for more than 73 years.

Lebron James may be on the verge of surpassing Nat Hickey, who at 45 years and 363 days was the oldest active NBA player in history if he can continue to play beyond 45.


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