Lamar Jackson garners praise from NBA stars LeBron James, Ja Morant after Ravens win over Texans

The Baltimore Ravens and quarterback Lamar Jackson started their 2023 NFL season with an incredible win against the Houston Texans. They kept up the performance and dominated their division completely in the regular season before ending the campaign with a 13-4 record. The team secured a first-round bye along with the No. 1 seed before proceeding to their divisional playoff match against Houston.

The Ravens sealed a dominating victory against the Texans and advanced to their postseason journey. Just like every time, Jackson moonlighted as a hero on the field. His incredible athleticism has earlier earned him accolades from the NFL GOAT, Tom Brady. Now, legends from the other sports world, such as LeBron James and Ja Morant, have made their way onto the QB’s admirer list.

LeBron James and Ja Morant praise Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson led the Ravens to a resounding 34-10 victory over the Houston Texans. The first half saw a gritty battle, with CJ Stroud’s squad managing to keep pace and force a 10-10 score at halftime.

Despite facing relentless blitzes and enduring three sacks in the initial half, Jackson refused to be denied. The second half belonged to him, as he sealed four consecutive scoring drives. The signal-caller matched his defense’s shutout efforts over the final two quarters. His stellar performance prompted an outpouring of admiration from sports celebrities on social media.

LeBron James, a basketball icon, couldn’t contain his excitement, expressing his love for the Ravens star with a short post.

“Man I LOVE Lamar Jackson!!!!!” James wrote.

It was the second-time in recent days, LeBron went speechless after seeing Jackson’s performance. He lauded the QB after witnessing his dual-threat performance in the match against the Miami Dolphins as well.

Meanwhile, rising NBA star Ja Morant conveyed his admiration simply by typing Jackson’s jersey number, 8.

While the MVP discussions had initially centered around the San Francisco 49ers Brock Purdy and Christian McCaffrey, Lamar Jackson’s remarkable performance stole the spotlight. In the aftermath of this standout performance, Ja Morant further endorsed the veteran as the MVP.

Accumulating 152 passing yards and two touchdowns through the air showcased Jackson’s quarterback skills, but it was on the ground where he truly dazzled. He amassed an incredible 100 rushing yards while scoring two rushing touchdowns and averaging an impressive 9.1 yards per carry.

Lamar Jackson’s position in NFL MVP rankings

Lamar Jackson’s dominance on the field has not gone unnoticed, and the NFL MVP rankings for 2023 reflect his stellar performance. According to Fox Sports, he is the clear favorite with odds at -10000.

With 3,678 passing yards and 24 touchdowns in the regular season, Jackson displayed not only precision in the passing game but also the leadership expected from an MVP-caliber QB. His impact extended beyond traditional quarterback duties, as he amassed an impressive 821 rushing yards and five rushing touchdowns. This well-rounded performance has woven a compelling narrative around his MVP candidacy this season.

At the age of 27, Lamar Jackson is on the verge of making history by becoming the youngest two-time NFL MVP since the merger. In this pursuit, he narrowly edges out the Kansas City Chiefs superstar Patrick Mahomes by just over nine months. Having secured his first home playoff win, the signal-caller propelled the Ravens into their first AFC Championship game. The win over the Texans brought them within striking distance of a Super Bowl appearance.


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