Lamar Jackson’s Contract Resolution Fuels Ravens’ Super Bowl Aspirations

Navigating the turbulent waters of the offseason, the Baltimore Ravens faced a setback in their relationship with Lamar Jackson. Amidst negotiations and discussions, the team acknowledged Jackson’s invaluable contributions, solidifying his status as the third-highest-paid quarterback annually in the league.

With the uncertainties of the offseason, Lamar Jackson wholeheartedly embraced his role as a pivotal figure for the Ravens. His on-field prowess has not only fueled the team’s aspirations but has also thrust him into the spotlight as a leading contender for this season’s MVP title, with Brock Purdy emerging as a notable challenger.

Brock Purdy and Lamar Jackson NFL MVPs on the line in Week 16

In a clash between two football powerhouses, the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers are set to face off in what some enthusiasts are dubbing a potential Super Bowl preview at Levi’s Stadium on Monday night. Both teams boast an impressive 11-3 record. However, amidst the spotlight on this high-stakes game, a compelling subplot is unfolding—the MVP race between Jackson and Purdy.

In 2019, Lamar Jackson etched his name in the record books as only the second player to attain this unanimous honor. Now, as the NFL narrative unfolds in a new season, Jackson finds himself in a position to make history once again, setting the stage for a potential back-to-back unanimous MVP reign.

Nevertheless, the 49ers’ meteoric rise to the top of the NFC standings has been nothing short of remarkable. With an 11-3 record and six consecutive wins by double digits, they’ve bounced back from a challenging period marked by a three-game losing streak. The resurgence of the 49ers has been a collective achievement for the entire team, with one standout player stealing the spotlight: Brock Purdy.

His exceptional performances have sparked conversations about the coveted MVP award, a distinction that has eluded the 49ers since Steve Young claimed it in 1994. The bold take gains substance when you consider Purdy’s impressive stats. 

Leading or ranking near the top in crucial quarterback metrics, Purdy is first in passing touchdowns (129), boasts a passer rating of 119, ranks second in completion percentage (69.8), and second in passing yards (3,795). With an impressive 11-3 record and only seven interceptions, Purdy’s MVP candidacy becomes even more compelling.

Comparatively, Lamar Jackson lags behind Purdy in several key categories. Jackson has fewer passing yards (3,105), fewer touchdowns (17), a lower completion percentage (66.3), a 96.5 passer rating, and only seven interceptions.

While the numbers suggest that, statistically, Lamar is trailing Purdy in the MVP discussion, the latest MVP odds also reinforce Purdy’s emergence as a frontrunner. With -225 odds, Purdy leads the pack, while Lamar Jackson closely follows in the second position with +450.

Purdy’s teammate Christian McCaffrey is also in the race, holding the third spot with +700 odds, and the 49ers star quarterback wants his running back mate to win the coveted title.

Emmanuel Acho picks Brock Purdy over Lamar Jackson for NFL MVP

The “cost-effective” contract holder Brock Purdy has not only turned heads in the MVP race but has also earned the trust of some prominent voices in the football world. Immanuel Acho, a respected analyst, made a bold statement on FS1’s “Speak” this week, emphasizing why he believes Purdy deserves the NFL MVP title over Lamar Jackson.

Acho minced no words, expressing his unwavering confidence in Purdy’s MVP candidate backing up his claim with specific milestones, pointing at Purdy’s journey since his first start on December 11, 2022.

“Brock Purdy, over the last 375 days, has done everything in order for you to trust him more than Lamar Jackson.”

Acho underscored Purdy’s accomplishments during this period, pointing out that Purdy has secured more playoff wins than Lamar Jackson. He accentuated Purdy’s consistent high-level performance, noting that the 49ers’ quarterback has played at a superior level compared to Jackson over the last year.

“Literally for 375 days straight now, Brock Purdy has earned your trust. He has three games with four touchdowns, no interceptions. So Brock Purdy has done things this season that Lamar Jackson hasn’t done. Brock Purdy has done things in the playoffs that Lamar Jackson has not done. Brock Purdy has a perfect passer rating game this season.”

Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that Acho’s perspective on Purdy has undergone a significant shift. In a previous appearance on Steiny & Guru on December 1st, Acho expressed skepticism about considering Brock Purdy for the league MVP, per

Who do you think will win the MVP of this season?

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