Lando Norris claims pairing up with Max Verstappen not ‘smart move’ following multi-year McLaren contract extension

The upcoming 2024 season is just around the corner and teams have been preparing to preserve their drivers for a prolonged period of time based on their performances in the previous season. McLaren is no exception to this trend.

Lando Norris, the star driver for McLaren, has committed to an exclusive multi-year contract with the team. He has empathically dismissed any rumours or suggestions of any potential transfer to Red Bull, assuring his dedication to McLaren for the next few years.

Lando Norris talks on potential move to Red Bull

Lando Norris had incredible pace on the grid once the updates to their McLaren car were introduced, even after a rocky start at the beginning of the 2023 season. The British driver had secured six second-place finishes on his way to the sixth position in the standings. From natural driving skills to adaptability on the grid, Norris has it all.

Previously, rapid speculations were circulating about his potential transfer to Red Bull, which could have taken place at the end of the 2023 season by replacing Sergio Perez. The rumours were first initiated in September, when McLaren announced that he was “open” to transferring to Red Bull or any other team if it guaranteed his victories in the future.

However, Norris has quickly decided to stay at McLaren rather than move out, which could be harmful and risky for his career at the moment. He has also highlighted the reason behind his decision to stay in the team by declaring that it will not be a “smart move” for his career as he is still not ready to adapt to the new environment and fully prepared to challenge his new team partner, Max Verstappen, in Red Bull yet.

In the end, McLaren has accepted him as the main driver of their team wholeheartedly, eager to build their future together for the next few years.

Lando Norris links new deal with McLaren

The future of Norris and McLaren together looks promising, with the British driver denying any further speculations concerning his transfer to Red Bull by signing a multi-year extension contract that starts in the 2026 season.

Portraying his loyalty towards the team, the 24-year-old said, “To go from out of the points pretty much every single race to being probably the closest team on average to the most successful car that’s ever been in Formula 1, I think showed me enough, and showed everyone here at McLaren enough, that we have what it takes to challenge them.

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