Latest TNA acquisition Ash By Elegance FKA Dana Brooke hits out at fans for accusing her of copying gimmick

WWE fans are known for their keen observation skills, and even the smallest changes in the appearance of their favorite wrestlers can provoke a variety of reactions from them. Dana Brooke, a former WWE star who is now more often known as Ash By Elegance in TNA, has debuted a fresh new hairstyle with shorter locks.

Some critics noticed a resemblance between Brooke and Tony Storm of AEW, which sparked speculation about their relationship. Brooke responded to the criticism by sending out a passionate tweet.

Ash By Elegance hits out at critics

Dana Brooke, aka Ash by Elegance, is newly announced as a member of TNA Wrestling. At the TNA Hard to Kill event, Dana Brooke made her debut after being released from WWE in September due to the Endeavour merger. The campaign took a fortunate turn with the January 13, 2024, pay-per-view, which attracted a lot of attention due to its high live attendance and gate.

According to an interview she gave after Hard to Kill, the mood backstage was very energetic, with members of the roster and special guests like Will Ospreay clearly enjoying themselves.

Ash By Elegance
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But things unexpectedly turned worse when Ash By Elegance received criticism for her new appearance in the ad. She hasn’t even wrestled or spoken yet, but many have been comparing her to Toni Storm, the current AEW Women’s Champion, because of her short hair and vintage look. So, she took to social media to confront the criticisms.

She tweeted, “Relax everyone … it’s a hair style… I haven’t cut a promo, or stepped foot in the ring & y’all are hating… lemme tell ya something, I like Toni Storm but respectfully she will never be me & I’ll never be her!! But at least your talking about me.”

Ash By Elegance discusses her WWE release

Dana Broke, who is now known as Ash By Elegance, found a new home in TNA. She debuted with a new style and an appealing nickname, which boded well for her new wrestling career. Dana recently spoke with Busted Open Radio, where she discussed her character’s transformation, her departure from WWE, and her choice to join TNA.

Ash By Elegance
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Dana said she felt unappreciated by WWE after her dismissal. Coworkers like T.J. Wilson encouraged her and believed in her, but she still felt unappreciated and stuck in situations that didn’t allow her to shine. As an example of her gymnastics experience, Dana recalled an incident that occurred in 2018 or 2019 when she suggested a new location for the Money in the Bank event. However, she believed that WWE didn’t believe in her ability and that her ideas weren’t taken seriously.

Is your opinion similar to the majority that is critical of her new style? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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