LaVar Ball blames NBA teams ‘roody-poo workouts’ with ‘raggedy shoes’ for LaMelo’s and Lonzo’s injuries

Throughout the years, many talented pairs of brothers have graced the NBA courts. From Giannis and Thanasis Antetokounmpo to Seth and Steph Curry to Holiday brothers, there are multiple examples of hoopers bound by blood.

Lonzo and LaMelo Ball are another example of the brotherly athletes in the league. But their careers have been a story of what could’ve been due to their endless string of injuries. But why the never-ending injuries? Seems like their father, the former professional footballer, LaVar Ball has found the answer.

LaVar Ball talks on LaMelo and Lonzo’s constant injuries

LaVar Ball has made a bold statement by blaming the high-intensity training and workout sessions and the sneakers for his sons, Lonzo Ball and LaMelo Ball’s string of injuries.

While discussing with CBS Sports about his sons’ injuries, the concerned father, LaVar Ball said, “The reason they hurt is because they got away from me. And they start doing these roody-poo workouts. Because if you keep running them hills, you’re going to keep that power and that strength. But you start dealing with these rubber bands and doing this lightweight stuff, of course you’re going to start breaking down.”

Showing his utter displeasure toward the shoes used by his sons, Senior Ball added, “A lot of things have to do with them raggedy shoes that Melo be wearing. Them shoes are not made the right way for him. That’s why he keeps tweaking his ankle every single time.”

Despite having high potential, the Ball brothers couldn’t keep themselves fit for an extended period and have been sidelined because of the endless injuries they suffered.

LaMelo and Lonzo Ball’s injury record

Since joining the Charlotte Hornets in 2020, injuries have been a reoccurring theme for LaMelo Ball. His first major injury in the Charlotte colors happened in 2021. In March of that year, LaMelo injured his wrist which needed surgery. Despite making a return later on in the season, he again got sidelined due to a hip problem.

His second season went on without any major setbacks, but on one occasion, he picked up an ankle injury. In February 2023, the 2022 NBA All-Star suffered a season-ending blow, again in his ankle. Since then, the 22-year-old has been dealing with ankle issues. His latest ankle injury came earlier this year in January.

For Lonzo, the injury problems had a similar effect, with multiple lengthy absences. His first major concern was in 2017 when he suffered from a shoulder problem that kept him out for a handful of games. His most significant injury happened in 2018 when he tore his meniscus, rendering him out of action for months.

His setbacks didn’t stop there as he picked up an ankle injury in 2019 that kept him out for months. Since then, injuries have become frequent for the 26-year-old with multiple injuries to thumb, hip, knee, ankle. In 2022, he again suffered a meniscus tear, and he has been out of action ever since. However, Lonzo is expected to return in the 2024-2025 season.

As Senior Ball has already figured out why his boys are getting injured so frequently, hopefully he will have a remedy to it for the sake of his sons’ careers.

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