LeBron James’ high school diary reveals his admiration for Michael Jordan’s NBA 2002-23 comeback

Once a boy named LeBron James from Akron, Ohio had a dream. A dream to play in the NBA, to soar through the air like a bird, and make his mark on the game he loved. Little did he know that this dream would not only come true but would establish him as an icon and the face of the NBA.

LeBron James, from a young age, exhibited a unique admiration for the legends of the game, none more so than Michael Jordan. In a recently discovered high school diary, LeBron’s deep respect for the NBA’s greats was unveiled. Written in his adolescent years, the diary revealed his unwavering admiration for Michael Jordan’s legendary NBA comeback in 2002-23, a game that went down in the books of the NBA’s archive.

LeBron James’ high school journal praises Michael Jordan

LeBron James’ high school diary, penned during the 2001-02 NBA season, has recently resurfaced on the news, shedding light on the young basketball prodigy’s deep admiration for none other than Michael Jordan. In his journal, LeBron praised Jordan’s remarkable comeback with the Washington Wizards at the age of 38.

LeBron James and Michael Jordan
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Despite being past his prime, Jordan’s ability to average 25-plus points per game left a lasting impression on LeBron. The teenager expressed his awe, writing, “A man 38 years old and still averaging 25-plus points?… I give props to him more than anybody right now.” It was clear that LeBron recognized the significance of Jordan’s achievements and respected the enduring impact he had on the sport.

LeBron’s journal entry, featured in SLAM Magazine, reflected his excitement about Jordan’s return to the NBA. As a junior at St. Vincent-St. Mary, LeBron was already gaining widespread attention for his own basketball talents. However, his admiration for Jordan demonstrated the respect he held for the game’s legends, even while he was making his own mark on the sport.

Although LeBron and Jordan never had the opportunity to cross paths in the league due to the timing of their respective careers, this diary entry highlighted the generational respect that LeBron had for the iconic Michael Jordan and a motivational boost for the player that he is today.

LeBron James shared same fate as Michael Jordan

LeBron James and Michael Jordan, two basketball legends who shared not only unparalleled talent but also an extraordinary fate. LeBron, who is now in his 21st NBA season at the age of 38, is defying expectations and showcasing the longevity reminiscent of Jordan’s career. His remarkable statistics this season reaffirm his status as one of the league’s elite players, but both GOATs have shared a similar fate.

LeBron James and Michael Jordan
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It’s intriguing to note that the biggest loss of Michael Jordan’s illustrious career occurred when he was 38 years and 333 days old, surrendering a staggering 44 points against the Brooklyn Nets. In a twist of fate, LeBron James experienced a similar defeat last night against the Philadelphia 76ers, also losing by 44 points. Remarkably, this loss coincided with LeBron’s age, as he too currently stands at 38 years and 333 days old.

Despite the recent loss against the Philadelphia 76ers, all eyes were on James and his exceptional performance. In just 30 minutes on the court, he managed to score 18 points, and accumulated 5 assists, but surprisingly gathered zero rebounds. Although the Lakers couldn’t secure the victory, James left an indelible mark on the game with his remarkable contribution. But his overall season performance and stats tell other stories.

Averaging 25.1 points per game with an impressive field goal percentage of 56.3% and a sharp 39.2% from beyond the arc, LeBron remains an offensive force even to this day. Additionally, he contributes to the game with 7.5 rebounds, 6.5 assists, 1.5 steals, and 0.8 blocks per game, highlighting his all-around skills, much like Jordan did in his prime.

LeBron James and Michael Jordan have undoubtedly been the faces of their respective NBA franchises, reminding us why they are revered as legends. Despite setbacks, they have and will continue to inspire with their relentless pursuit of greatness, and as their careers intertwine in this peculiar manner, it only further solidifies the parallel between these two basketball icons.

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