LeBron James joins NFL community to pray for Browns RB Nick Chubb after gruesome injury startled fans

Cleveland Browns’ first defeat night this season came as a double trouble for the team featuring a significant injury of their vet player Nick Chubb. The injury apparently ruled him out for the rest of the season, leaving a great concern for the team’s receiver room.

Now playing his sixth season in the league, Nick Chubb is already a fan-favorite and his devastating injury startled the entire NFL community as they began praying for his swift recovery. Meanwhile, NBA legend LeBron James joined the Browns fans in wishing the same.

LeBron James joins NFL community to pray for Browns RB Nick Chubb

Nick Chubb was injured in the second quarter of the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Browns game after being hit by Steelers safety Minkah Fitzpatrick. The 27-year-old was immediately carted off the field after he appeared to fall on the ground as his knee buckled inward.

Chubb’s projected season-ending injury drew the attention of NBA great LeBron James too and he promptly took to his X account to convey his grief and offer prayers for Nick’s quick recovery. 

“DAMN MAN!!!!’ Nick Chubb. Praying for the absolute best”, LeBron wrote with praying emojis.

Chubb was later replaced by Jerome Ford who took a 3-yard touchdown pass as the four-time Pro Bowler’s replacement. Prior to the injury, Nick had recorded 10 carries for 64 yards in his second game of the season.

Browns RB Nick Chubb’s gruesome injury startled fans

The incident trashed the Browns supporters’ hearts in pieces as they audibly groaned after being startled by the injury. It was so horrible that later there was no replay displayed during the Steelers vs. Browns game on ABC.

However, the fans once again flocked together online to provide their well wishes and prayers for Nick Chubb. 

“Get well fast Nick Chubb.”, one fan commented. 

Chubb’s injury was already mentioned by their head coach Kevin Stefanski as a significant one and he projected his injury to prove season-ending for the player. Hence, the devastating injury urged the fans to wish for his quick recovery.

“Horrible injury. I hope he will recover from this”, one comment read.

Apart from LeBron James, many A-list athletes came forward to convey their grief over Chubb’s gruesome injury. Lamar Jackson, Kyler Murray, Trevor Lawrence, Darius Garland, J.J. Watt, and Mark Ingram are some of the names on this list.

A talent like Chubb is a treasure for the NFL, as players from both teams gave Chubb their best wishes before escorting him off the field. Although it appears like he is done for the year, hopefully the upcoming report will have some optimistic news for the team’s supporters.

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