LeBron James left dumbfounded after finding out he’s older than Utah Jazz HC Will Hardy

The fact remains that LeBron James’ unending aim of dominating, surpassing, and establishing new records in the league may not be too surprising to many, owing to his already-known on-court prowess. But LeBron’s level of consistency, despite his age, largely adds a touch of amazement to the whole story.

LeBron James, after the Lakers’ win against the Jazz, in which he also attained an unprecedented feat, was indeed shocked upon realizing his age difference with a top NBA team coach.

LeBron reacts to finding out he’s older than Utah HC

LeBron James’s remaining dominance in a matchup inspired the Lakers’ 131-99 win against the Jazz. After the game, LeBron was made to realize that he is older than the Jazz coach Willy Hardy, which left him perplexed. LeBron James, after being told of his age difference with Hardy, surprisingly asked the reporter “I’m older than who?” and continued “I’m older than…oh, wow. Oh my goodness. I don’t even mind. Yeah, that’s a good one. You got me on that one. You got me on that one. That’s crazy.”

LeBron James was astonished when getting to know he his older than Utah Jazz head coach Willy Hardy
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LeBron whose 39th birthday is just five weeks away, is older than coach Hardy, whose age is 35 years. Hardy, before his team’s game against the Lakers, was asked about LeBron’s longevity, and its inspiration to the younger players, he started by commending LeBron’s efforts in keeping his body in shape. Hardy, also expressed his desire to see his players replicate LeBron’s commitment, which according to him is well documented.

LeBron, after sinking a 3-pointer in the Jazz’s game first quarter, attained the feat of being the first player in NBA’s history to reach 39,000 career points. LeBron, commented on this feat, by saying that despite getting enormous congratulatory messages, he is yet to fully understand the impact of what he has just achieved.

Other NBA HCs younger than LeBron

The Akron Ohio superstar LeBron James was born on 30 December 1984, which makes him 38 years, heading to 39 years this December. LeBron, upon attaining the status of the oldest active player, has also made a mark, for being older than three current NBA team coaches.

LeBron James was astonished when getting to know he his older than Utah Jazz head coach Willy Hardy
LeBron James Via Getty

LeBron, haven recently realized his age difference with Jazz coach Willy Hardy, there are other top team coaches, which LeBron tops in age. Mark Daigneault, the Thunder coach, born on 12 August 1985, is 225 days younger than LeBron.  Also, Joe Mazzulla of the Celtics, the current NBA’s youngest coach, is three years and six months younger than LeBron.

Furthermore, LeBron whose age is above three NBA coaches, is barely younger than two others. Taylor Jenkins of the Grizzlies, born on 12 September 1984, is just 109 days older than LeBron, while Willie Green of the Pelicans, was only three years old, and most likely not yet in kindergarten, when LeBron was born.

While LeBron James’ on-court dominance has continued to be sustained, it’s likely that a highly motivated LeBron, can still defy his age, and attain the 40,000 career points mark before retirement.

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