LeBron James on losing to Hawks: We could beat and get our a*s kicked by any team in NBA

The Los Angeles Lakers are in a very desperate situation at the moment, plagued with inconsistencies and failing offensive rotations. Despite numerous calls for change from superstar LeBron James, there have been no significant changes to the team roster or the way in which the team operates.

At this rate, the Lakers’ chances to become a serious contender only seem to be going down with even one of the greatest players, LeBron James losing faith in the team. After the Lakers lost to the Atlanta Hawks in disappointing fashion, King James’ was very candid in his statements regarding the team.

LeBron James upset with Lakers after Hawks loss

Just a few days after the Lakers thrillingly beat the Golden State Warriors, the depleted Purple and Gold ended up losing embarrassingly to the Atlanta Hawks, earlier today.
In a game that was far from close, the team missed the presence of key player Anthony Davis who is battling hip and Achilles injuries.

LeBron James
The Lakers are clueless this season via Getty Images

In another trial led by Darvin Ham, the coach tried a different starting lineup, but it didn’t work well for the team. The Lakers had a tough loss to the Houston Rockets, and in the following game against the energetic Atlanta Hawks led by Trae Young, the Lakers struggled to keep up with the pace and energy of their opponents.

Anthony Davis
Davis missed the Hawks game due to a hip injury via Getty Images

Following their defeat, Lakers’ superstar LeBron was extremely frustrated and disappointed with the way the Lakers were playing basketball. “We could, on any given night, beat any team in the NBA,” LeBron James said. “But, on any given night, we can get our a– kicked by any team in the NBA. What’s our record? Under .500? There you go.”

With the drastic form of the Los Angeles team, fans were quick to observe the growing dissent that LeBron James had for Lakers HC Darvin Ham.

LeBron James’s increasing displeasure with Darvin Ham

After the Lakers lost to the Houston Rockets, a clip went viral showing LeBron James glaring at Coach Darvin Ham with a lot of anger. It’s no secret that LeBron isn’t a fan of Ham, as the star has criticized the coach multiple times for not being attentive and intense enough about the team.

Darvin Ham
Darvin Ham’s job is on the line via Getty Images

With the ‘Chosen One’ not growing any younger, the urgency for success is immediate and there is a strong notion within the team that the current roster is not suitable for the playoffs considering their lack of chemistry which was evident in the team’s performance against the Hawks.

As time goes on, there’s uncertainty about the future of Lakers Head Coach Darvin Ham, with many speculating that his time with the team might come to an end soon. Right after the Hawks game, LeBron posted a cryptic tweet on Twitter with an hourglass emoji, and many fans believe it could signal the end of Ham’s tenure as Head Coach.

Regardless, the Lakers have to make significant changes to emerge as a contender in the league, a position they are very far from with a 24-25 record, placing them as the ninth seed in the Western Conference.

LeBron James
James is not happy with Darvin Ham via Getty Images

What are your thoughts on the Los Angeles Lakers? Will the Lakers be able to contend for the championship this season? Will the Lakers fire Darvin Ham soon? We are eager to know your thoughts and opinions on the Los Angeles Lakers chances this season, so feel free to comment below.

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