LeBron James shares crystal clear thoughts on son Bronny James reportedly entering transfer portal

With his 40K points milestone LeBron James has already settled the GOAT debate, for many that is the case. Everything associated with King James must have a kingly touch to it, and his family is no exception to that.

To be more precise, Bronny James has to live up to the legacy of his father and the hard task is not self-imposed. With the regular season coming to an end, draft speculation regarding the 19-year-old are sure to intensify as LeBron has only a limited time left till he calls it a day. Regarding his dream of playing with his son, LeBron has spoken openly before and this time he even delves into the rumors surrounding his eldest son’s NBA future.

LeBron James sheds light on Bronny James being in transfer portal rumors

Following Trojans’ coach Andy Enfield’s determination to exit from the college basketball team after a 15-18 record this season, Bronny James has entered the transfer market, according to Dick Weiss’ report, to which the protective father LeBron James reacted.

While saying that he does not have enough knowledge about the speculations, the Lakers’ superstar added, “But at the end of the day, Bronny is his own man. He has some tough decisions to make. When he’s ready to make those decisions, he’ll let us all know. But as his family, we’re going to support whatever he does.”

The 19-year-old didn’t have much luck in the Trojans uniform, suffering from a cardiac arrest early in the season and averaging 4.8 points and 2.1 assists in the 25 appearances he made under coach Andy Enfield.

Despite all the puff around his celebrity surname, Junior James could not flourish and instead attracted negative attention even for the upcoming draft. With his alleged transfer decision, things could play out differently for Bronny.

Best landing spots for Bronny James

At the time of writing, there is no certainty that Bronny James will be transferred. However, there are a couple of possible landing spots for young James that might help to shape his future in the sport.

Before settling with the Trojans, Bronny was linked with the Ohio State Buckeyes, which could be the most likely spot where James Jr. would like to go. While Duquesne Dukes is another team where Bronny could end up as his father’s friend, Dru Joyce III is the HC there. The team that was amongst Bronny’s top choices before finalizing matters with USC was the Oregon Ducks, who might look for an opportunity to acquire the 4-time NBA champion’s son.

As Bronny reportedly made the transfer choice following in the footsteps of Head Coach Andy Enfield, there is a chance that the guard will join the SMU Mustangs where his HC is heading. However, Bronny could move to the UCLA Bruins and stay close to his father in Los Angeles and learn about more of his trade with eye on the future. Despite numerous predictions, it will be Bronny who has to decide for himself, as LeBron said.

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