Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso join Michael Schumacher’s son to pay tribute to F1 legend in new documentary

Michael Schumacher is a legend in the sport of Formula 1 and the 7-time champion has his name embedded in golden words in the history of racing. Michael Schumacher is known for his dominant titles with Ferrari and his effective control of the Maranello team to get the best out of them.

Schumacher retired a long time ago from the sport. His last race was in 2012, as Schumacher was involved in an unfortunate skiing accident that ended up with him being comatose. Nonetheless, Schumacher is still fondly remembered among his fans.

Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso pay tribute to Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher’s competitors and fellow drivers have mostly retired but Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso are still racing on the grid to remind us of the generational talent Schumacher was. Fernando Alonso, in particular, beat Michael Schumacher and went on to claim his driver’s championships, making his time with the German even more special. On the other hand, Lewis Hamilton replaced Schumacher at Mercedes after his retirement and went on to equal his record of seven wins.

“A full out great racer. He won the race when Ayrton died. He was just winning everything!” Lewis Hamilton reminded fans about his rivalry with Ayrton and the first world championship he secured in the ARD documentary about Schumi. In a similar fashion, Fernando Alonso paid his own tribute to the iconic German.

Michael Schumacher
Alonso and Lewis talk about Michael via Sportskeeda

Talking about Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonso said, “I lost more against him than I won! He is an incredible driver; he was an inspiration for all the drivers of my generation when we were in karting and in the junior formulas to see Michael dominating the sport.”

“He did change the way of approaching racing, physical preparation, determination, work ethic into the weekend with the engineers, a lot of things in the sport changed because of Michael – for the better.”

Michael Schumacher
Senna and Schumacher via FirstSportz

Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton’s statements resonated with public opinion and their sentiments about the seven-time champion were provoked in a good way. Michael Schumacher’s documentary is bound to connect with people in a very emotional way, considering that not much is known about the German icon due to his family’s choice of privacy.

Mick Schumacher delivers emotional message to his dad

Mick Schumacher is Michael Schumacher’s son and is currently a reserve driver for Mercedes. Being an ex-Formula 1 racer for 2 years, a documentary about Michael would be pretty much incomplete without his son’s words. Due to Schumi’s crash, Mick’s career in premier racing was mostly without a mentor who would help him out the way his dad could.

Mick recently got a chance to test out his dad’s Mercedes W02 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, and he shared his experience in the ARD documentary. “I had to have a helmet and the helmet was my Dad’s,” Schumacher said. “I asked if it would be possible to wear his suit, too, to wear my dad’s helmet and suit. It made it an even nicer experience than it would have been.

Michael Schumacher
Mick pays tribute to dad via Planet F1

“It was a good car to drive, to do a few donuts in, and to pay a king of tribute to my father.”

Mick Schumacher will return to racing with Alpine, but do you think the German will ever get a chance at F1 and fulfill his dad’s legacy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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