Lewis Hamilton eager to get rid of Mercedes W14 car following brutal loss at Brazilian GP 2023: “Just counting down the days”

The condition of a Formula One car holds immense importance for the driver. In the world of Formula One, where every millisecond counts, performance and dependability can make the difference between victory and defeat.

The small factors surrounding the car’s engine, aerodynamics and tires must all be in perfect condition to maximize the vehicle’s speed and performance. However, at the Brazilian Grand Prix, the Mercedes W14 failed to meet Lewis Hamilton’s expectations. The British driver recently expressed criticism regarding the car’s condition in an interview.

Lewis Hamilton talks about difficulties with his W14

Lewis Hamilton has reached a breaking point with W14 following a disappointing Sprint race at the Brazilian GP, despite the car’s upgrade. The seven-time World Champion has been skeptical about the car’s temperamental nature since the beginning of the year. However, after the upgrades at the US GP Grand Prix two weeks ago, Hamilton was reasonably satisfied with them.

His satisfaction did not last long, with the tires of the car overheating after a fast start at the Sprint Race in Brazil. The British driver soon dropped to the seventh position, two places behind the position he started from.

He expressed neglect regarding the W14 by saying “The last couple of races we’ve been excited that we’re progressing, and it’s been really positive to see.

“And you come to another track and then you have the worst degree that you’ve had for ages. So it’s like you just don’t know what to expect with this one. But only a couple more races with this car and it’s gone, and I’ll be happy! This year, you’re just counting down the days, trying to enjoy every day as you can.”

Lewis Hamilton’s performance at Brazilian GP

The seven-time World Champion revealed that he made a small error on the final lap, which cost him “a tenth and a half” at the shootout race.

The British driver told the media that he could have been one or two places further up the grid if he had avoided the mistake he made earlier during the race. Due to this, he further said that he does not have high hopes for the Brazilian Grand Prix, stating that Mercedes “felt horrible” during the sprint race. Recently, there was also a rumour spread about Hamilton being the ultimate owner of Aston Martin. 

When inquired about his performance, Hamilton said, “It was a very tough race,” 

“I think we got a good start and then… balance. We tried to get the right balance with the wing, just a lot of understeer, snap oversteer, and the rear tyres just dropped off. And in the mid-sector, huge understeer.”

Furthermore, he said that he was confused with the set-up of the car, one of the major reasons why he performed poorly during the race.

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