Lionel Messi saves 90-year-old woman from kidnapping despite not being there physically

Lionel Messi etched his name in golden letters in the history books. The Argentine star’s journey began with signing his first-ever contract on a napkin, leading to an illustrious career at Barcelona. His journey from Rosario to becoming a worldwide sensation has been an inspiration to many, including prominent sports personalities.

Messi’s outstanding career and exceptional skills are unparalleled, as is his influence. He is revered as an icon around the globe and has fans worldwide. Remarkably, the Ballon d’Or winner’s name has even been involved in a scenario that saved an elderly woman from kidnapping.

Woman avoids kidnapping thanks to Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi’s name has worked wonders for an elderly lady in Israel, saving her from being abducted in an unexpected turn of events during the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict. Last year, in October, Ester Cunio, a Jewish-Argentinian woman, found her house captured by Hamas militants who held her hostage in the Israeli Kibbutz Nir Oz.

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However, when the 90-year-old woman revealed her origins in Argentina, Messi’s country, surprisingly, the gunman shared her same affection for the Argentine star, with Messi also being one of his favorites. This unexpected connection changed the course of the situation and ultimately saved her.

The lady revealed, “I told him not to talk to me because I didn’t understand his language. The Arab language, and I speak poor Hebrew. I speak Argentinean Spanish, so he asks what Argentina is. Then I tell him, ‘Do you watch football?’ 

“He said he liked it and I told him I am from Messi’s country. He was surprised and told me he loves Messi. He put his arm on my shoulder, gave me his gun, he made me do the peace sign and they snapped the picture. Now I hope that if Messi watches this and sees I was saved because of him, I would ask him to help my grandchildren who are still abducted. They are good kids. Their names are David and Ariel.” she added.

Lionel Messi once avoided burglary

Many soccer stars are often targeted by burglars and robbers due to their substantial wealth and multi-million-dollar earnings. They have been constantly under the surveillance of such groups for money extortion and theft. Lionel Messi, now with Inter Miami, is also among the names frequently mentioned in this context.

Nonetheless, the World Cup winner has managed to evade these threats just as skillfully as he navigates past defenders on the field. Recently, a wanted leader of an Albania-Kosovo gang (referred to as Alberto) revealed that he intervened to stop those who wanted to burgle Messi’s home.

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The gangster revealed to Spanish outlet El Espanyol, “I stopped people several times who wanted to rob Messi’s house, people who asked me, but I can’t stop everyone… This time, I could, and I’m very proud of that.”

“Not long ago, almost a year ago, it seems, there were others who offered, although it wasn’t his house, it was that of his parents. Messi was in Paris at this point. I went to see it because I know him very well, and I know the area very well, and I didn’t want to, out of respect for Messi, I didn’t do it because I care about him, period.”


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