Lionel Messi uploads shirtless gym selfie with wife, drawing comparisons to Cristiano Ronaldo: “Bro thinks he’s him”

For all the things Lionel Messi has achieved in his illustrious career, one thing he hasn’t managed to do is escape comparisons to his arch-rival Cristiano Ronaldo, who himself is constantly compared to the Argentine superstar. It’s safe to say the comparisons made them better and have mostly been about who’s the better player of the two.

Ironically, the rivalry is not just limited to on-pitch battles and individual trophies. Lionel Messi recently uploaded a shirtless gym selfie with his wife on Instagram, which quickly drew comparisons with Cristiano Ronaldo, who’s famous for his ripped body and thousands of hours of investment in the gym.

Lionel Messi uploads gym snap with wife

For all the wonders Lionel Messi can do with the ball at his feet, he’s never been the type that shows off his body. The former Barcelona star even shocked the world when he decided to start keeping a beard and having his body inked with some tattoos.

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Also, he’s never been known for rigorous training sessions or hard workouts. As a matter of fact, a coach once said the Argentine could walk into the team without training and play on a matchday, making all the difference because he was just the man. However, Messi has now gone from that to someone who shows off his body to fans on social media while he’s working in the gym.

With the Argentine enjoying his MLS off-season, he quickly took to Instagram to share a shirtless selfie with his wife while they’re both working out in the gym. Remember that a few weeks ago, Messi recruited his wife’s personal trainer, who’s famous for helping women achieve their dream bodies.

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In this new picture, Messi can be seen showing off his shirtless body in a black short while his wife leans towards him with a pink crop top and an accompanying black short.

Fans draw comparison between Messi and Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo has managed to achieve the status of the most famous person in the world, thanks to his show-off nature, which mostly includes his fleet of cars, adorable family, and some rigorous workout sessions, which he doesn’t hide from his fans.

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Lionel Messi’s decision to post a shirtless gym selfie backfired as fans quickly drew comparisons between him and Cristiano Ronaldo, pointing out the fact that Messi will never reach Ronaldo’s level of hard work, especially when it comes to what they can both do in the gym.

“Bro thinks he’s him,” a fan posted on X, citing the fact that Ronaldo has always been the show-off type with his body and that it was awkward to see Messi doing the same.

“He thinks he’s Ronaldo,” another fan pointed out.

While Messi has enjoyed 2023 in terms of individual awards, Ronaldo has been at the top of his game, outscoring everyone in 2023 with 53 goals in 58 appearances across all competitions for club and country.


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