Lionel Messi’s preference for simple cheese pizza shines in Barcelona’s 2014 post-match menu leak

At some stage of Lionel Messi’s career, especially during the 2014–15 continental treble, it was hard to imagine that he wasn’t an alien with his ‘extraterrestrial’ abilities. Messi, Neymar Jr. and Luis Suarez were indeed formidable attacking forces during this era. Jointly, they became the highest goal-scoring trio in Spanish La Liga history, comfortably delivering the club’s second historic continental treble.

Hence, when fans caught a cheese pizza on his menu, they thought he might be human after all.

Leaked menu exposes Messi’s culinary taste

It is really intriguing to know what Lionel Messi’s choice of food is. A list detailing the post-match food requests of the Barcelona team in 2014 has surfaced online, revealing preferences such as sushi, a Nutella sandwich, and Lionel Messi’s favored pizza. The document, obtained by Spanish outlet Libertad Digital, became public after Barcelona’s otherwise flawless start to the 2014/15 campaign ended without much fanfare.

Lionel Messi

While Gerard Pique and Mar-Andre Ter Stegen chose a Nutella sandwich, Ivan Rakitic and Sergi Roberto opted for sushi. But Lionel Messi, choosing a completely different delicacy, consumed a simple cheese pizza. Presumably, seeing Messi’s choice, six of the eleven players present at the scene also chose pizza.

Sergio Busquets specified a preference for only two types of fruits, while Luis Suarez opted for a ‘balanced’ post-match meal consisting of ham and cheese pizza along with a Caesar salad, according to the leaked list of Barcelona team’s post-match food requests in 2014.

Barcelona clinched its second continental treble in 2014–15

Barcelona’s 2014–15 season remains one of the most successful in the club’s history. It was not the first time the club won the continental treble, but this time it was a collection of the prestigious titles of the Copa del Rey, La Liga and the UEFA Champions League.

Another factor that made Barcelona’s second continental treble so memorable was the closely fought title race with Real Madrid. In the Champions League, however, Barcelona had to sink the Bayern ship to stay afloat, hence confronting the formidable Juventus in the finals in Berlin.

The second Continental Barcelona will also forever be remembered in history because of the formidable MSN. Messi, Neymar and Suarez are at the very peak of their attacking prowess. At that time, they were the trio with the most goals in a single season in Spanish football history.

Lionel Messi

The 2014–15 season marked the first campaign without former captain Carles Puyol since 1998–99, as he retired at the end of the previous season, but this did not stop the club from delivering a masterclass. Additionally, it was the first season without goalkeepers Víctor Valdés and José Manuel Pinto since 2001–02 and 2006–07, respectively. Valdés joined Manchester United in January 2015, while Pinto officially announced his retirement.

The 2014–15 season was indeed a brilliant season in Barcelona’s history, but what was your favourite match? Make sure to tell us in the comments section.


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