Lions HC shares unfiltered thoughts on Justin Fields trade to Steelers: “Nice to have Fields out of the division”

Justin Fields began his NFL career with the Chicago Bears in 2021, showing steady improvement despite the team’s struggles and the mid-season firing of head coach Frank Reich. His development over the seasons garnered attention, yet it was a surprising move when the Bears traded their starting quarterback to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

While the trade presents an opportunity for Fields to potentially become a starter in Pittsburgh, for Detroit Lions’ head coach Dan Campbell, it brings a sense of immense happiness.

Dan Campbell happy after Bears traded Justin Fields to Steelers

Dan Campbell expressed his relief over the departure of quarterback Justin Fields from the NFC North division. The Lions’ head coach couldn’t hide his satisfaction for Fields’ trade while speaking at the NFL’s annual league meetings.

“Offensively, man, they’ve (the Bears) got weapons, they’ve got an offensive line. And we’ll see what they do at quarterback, but I’m not gonna lie, it’s nice to have Fields out of that division,” Campbell told.

Fields’ absence would be beneficial for the Lions, especially considering the challenges he presented to their defense during his tenure with the Chicago Bears. He managed to cause headaches for the Lions’ defense, recording three of his five 100-yard rushing games against them.

Later, Campbell gave a nod to the quarterback’s danger on the field and highlighted his improvement from the previous season.

“Listen, he’s dangerous. He’s one of these rare, dangerous players and I’ll tell you what he’s done a really good job of — from last year to this year.”

Meanwhile, Campbell looks forward to facing the former Bears quarterback with the knowledge that he will no longer pose a threat within the division.

Fields’ departure marks the end of an era of dominance against the Lions, during which he rushed for 441 yards in four games over the last two seasons.

Justin Fields to become Steelers starting QB?

The Steelers have been making waves in the NFL offseason with their recent acquisitions of star quarterbacks Russell Wilson and Justin Fields. As the team prepares for the upcoming season, all eyes are on Wilson, who is currently leading the race to become their starting quarterback.

Meanwhile, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin has made it clear that while Wilson is considered the frontrunner, Fields will also be given a fair opportunity to compete for the starting role.

What’s more, ESPN’s Adam Schefter has even speculated about the possibility of Wilson being released if his performance fails to meet expectations during training camp. It in return will unfold an opportunity for Fields to take over the starter job.

The former Broncos player brings a wealth of experience to the Steelers, having led the Seattle Seahawks to eight playoff appearances and a Super Bowl title during his tenure with the team. 

On the other hand, the former Bears player joins the Steelers after a stint with the struggling Chicago Bears. Yet, amid his team’s struggle, he has shown promise as an electric playmaker. With a completion rate of 60% and 40 touchdowns to his name, he is poised to make an impact in Pittsburgh’s quarterback competition. 

With two talented quarterbacks vying for the starting position, the Steelers are gearing up for a competitive season ahead.

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