Liv Morgan sends stern warning to ex-champion ahead of crucial matchup to qualify for WWE Elimination Chamber

Liv Morgan, the former SmackDown Women’s Champion, is set to face the former Tag Team Champion, Zoey Stark, in an Elimination Chamber qualifying match on next week’s RAW episode. Morgan made the most anticipated return to WWE at the Royal Rumble 2024, after being out of action for almost 5 months.

Following the official closure of her legal case and the withdrawal of the remaining charges, Morgan is poised to return to the WWE ring, as she recently issued a warning to Stark ahead of their match on RAW.

Liv Morgan confident to defeat Zoey Stark

In the last RAW episode, Liv Morgan and Zoey Stark had a segment with Zoey Stark, regarding thier face off at the Womens Royal Rumble match. This caused a collision in the ring and after the show, WWE officially announced the match for next week’s RAW episode.

Today, Morgan took to Twitter to send a message to Stark, letting her know that she is ready for their showdown on Monday Night RAW by adding, “As this being the honorary first stop on the Liv Morgan revenge tour, I’m gonna go with me”.

Stark accused Morgan for not utilizing the opportunity and she claimed that she is better than her. Stark entered the match early and eliminated 2 superstars, meanwhile Morgan ended as the runner up of the match by entering the match at 30th position.

This match also hyped the fans as the winner of Elimination Chamber match will get a chance to face Rhea Ripley for the Women’s World Championship at WrestleMania 40.

Liv Morgan plan to take care of business in WWE Elimination Chamber

Zoey Stark and Liv Morgan, who are set to face each other for getting a spot at Elimination Chamber, have started to share punches on social media recently.

Morgan wrote, “The first thing I actually said was that I think you’re pretty amazing. I didn’t brush you off for a single second.. I see you. However, kindly & respectfully, #EliminationChamber is kinda my thing and I’ve got imperative business to take care of”.

This was a reply to Stark’s interview after the last episode of Monday Night RAW, where she said, “And I am tired of it, Cathy. Do I look like someone you can just push off? No. Not at all. So Liv needs to watch herself. She wants everyone to watch her, but she’s the one that needs to watch. I am going to the Chamber. I am making my stamp, and I am going to Australia.”

Liv Morgan is no stranger to big matches and big moments, as she has been with the company for 8 years and has had memorable feuds with Lana, Ruby Riott, and Carmella. On the other hand, Zoey Stark, a newcomer to WWE, has already made a huge impact by defeating Natalya on her debut.

On the same RAW episode, Becky Lynch earned her opportunity by winning the qualification match against Shayna Bazler in the last episode of RAW. The stakes are high for both women, as the winner will join Lynch at the Elimination Chamber match.


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