Liverpool star Luis Diaz returns to training after reports suggest ELN guerrilla kidnappers likely to release his father “as soon as possible”

The soccer community was hit with shocking news when it was found that Luis Diaz, a winger playing for Liverpool and the Colombian international team, had a most unfortunate incident occur to him. It was revealed that his parents were both kidnapped in the most terrible news.

Last Saturday, both his parents were kidnapped in their native Barrancas region of Colombia. Since then, lots of new developments have occurred in the story, and after one week of torture for the player, some good news has arrived.

Luis Diaz returns to Liverpool training

It was earlier reported that his father, Luis Manuel Diaz and mother, Cilenis Marulanda, were both kidnapped on their way to a relative’s house. It was then that four men on two bikes took them hostage. Both the police and the military were involved soon, with the President of Colombia himself overseeing a huge rescue operation.

Since then, the Colombian international has been absent from Liverpool’s squads to deal with the situation. He missed both games against Nottingham Forest and Bournemouth, which the Reds won comfortably. But finally, the fans got some good news, as Luis Diaz has finally returned to training.

Photos have already emerged of the player joining training at the team’s training ground. While he has joined training and is in perfect condition, manager Jurgen Klopp says there is no pressure on him to play. “He was in training two days ago, he had a session yesterday, and will be part of the team. We must wait – if he feels right he will be here and train with us.”

Update on Luis Diaz’s father’s kidnap situation

However, there is a reason why Diaz has decided to return to training, even if his father is still a hostage. It was earlier found out that his mother had been rescued and seen with her family. But the father was still missing and a bounty of $48,500 had been offered for information regarding his possible location.

Luis Diaz
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And later news emerged that the kidnappers are part of the Colombian terrorist organization Ejercito de Liberacion Nacional or ELN in short. The group themselves confirmed this information later and promised to release the Diaz’s father, which is why Diaz returned to England.

This is what their representative revealed, “We must recognize the situation you have heard in the news is true and the ELN is going to free Mr Diaz’s father as soon as possible.” The group revealed that after confirming that it was indeed Luis Diaz’s father, they decided to free him as he was the parent of a huge sports star in the country and that Diaz was ‘beloved’.

It remains to be seen if Luis Diaz is in the Liverpool squad to face Luton Town tomorrow in the Premier League. Once again, we hope that the player sees a quick end to the terrible situation he is facing.

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