Logan Paul brutally slams Dillon Danis on WWE RAW after El Jefe was released from Bellator

Logan Paul is one of the very few young WWE superstars who are good at doing promo. Since his WWE debut, The Maverick has been a phenomenal man when it came to blasting away opponents with a mic in his hands. His scissors sharp tongue always acts as salt on his opponent’s wound.

However, on the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, Logan targeted an opponent from outside of WWE during a promo. The star that IMPAULSIVE host roasted is none other than Dillon Danis.

Logan Paul brutally slams Dillon Danis on WWE RAW

The YouTuber turned WWE superstar, Logan Paul, made his long-awaited appearance on the latest episode of SmackDown. The Maverick was absent from WWE after his SummerSlam match, and during his leave, he was focusing on his boxing career outside WWE, i.e., the match that held on October 14 between him and MMA fighter Dillon Danis.

Both Danis and Logan have been in a rivalry for months because of the boxing bout. However, things took a personal turn when the MMA fighter targeted Logan Paul’s fiancée, Nina Agdal. Danis posted photos of Nina’s past relationships and roasted her to the point where Logan had to send him notice to stop defaming his fiancée.

But The Maverick took revenge on Dillon when they faced off in the squared circle on October 14, where he made the fight miserable for the MMA fighter. Despite having a triumphant victory, the YouTuber even roasted Dillon Danis in his latest appearance on Monday Night Raw. He roasted Danis over losing his job, as EL Jefe got released from the company.

“That fool I beat in my boxing fight last week embarrassed himself so badly that he got dropped from his fight league. Dropped. So that means, not only did I make him lose the fight, I made him lose his job. Oof. Unemployed, unhappy, and unfulfilled, it sucks to be that guy,” said Logan Paul.

Dillon Danis released from Bellator MMA contract

Dillon Danis is one of the most hyped faces in the combat sports industry. He is very well known among the fans for his social media stunts where he targets his opponents. However, the MMA star was recently released from Bellator MMA, according to some recent reports.

Dillon has been in Bellator MMA since 2018. He had an undefeated streak of 2-0 as an MMA fighter in the company. Despite having such a record, he has not been featured in any matches since 2019.

Although EL Jefe didn’t fight in Bellator MMA for a long time, he was contracted with the company for the clout he was generating. But everything went to shambles when he competed against Logan Paul on Misfits Boxing’s October 14 and lost via disqualification. In that whole match, he was dominated by The Maverick. Such impact less performance has ruined his reputation in the combat sports industry and because of this, he was released from Bellator MMA.

In Ariel Helwani’s recent X/Twitter post, the reporter revealed that Bellator MMA has released Dillon Danis this weekend.

“Dillon Danis is a free agent. Bellator officially released Danis this weekend, sources say.” wrote Ariel Helwani.

Do you think Dillon Danis will seek revenge on Logan Paul for the latest WWE Raw promo? Let us know your thoughts on it in the comment section below!

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