Logan Paul discloses information on unreleased Russian slap-fighting competition: “We scripted two ending”

Logan Paul last appeared at the Royal Rumble event on January 27 to defend his United States Championship against Kevin Owens. The match saw both superstars fighting each other, but eventually, Paul secured the victory after Owens was disqualified from the match for using a foreign object against his opponent.

A short while ago, Logan Paul appeared on his podcast alongside his co-host and friend Mike Majlak, where he disclosed information about some unreleased Russian slap-fighting competition. In 2021, Logan was obsessed with the competition, and after many years, he shared the story behind it.

Logan Paul discusses the Russian slap-fighting script

Logan Paul, known for his creative YouTube videos, once decided to create a video on the Russian slap-fighting competition. Recently, he shared the story of how the video was initially planned, including the preparation of two scripts. However, the plan got canceled due to the dangers involved for someone inexperienced in the sport.

Paul tried the Russian sport of slap fighting – and knocked out a 350lb champion. He was joined by the former co-hosts of IMPAULSIVE, and Logan even shared the picture from their official Instagram account the impaulsiveshow.

The caption of the post read, “IMPAULSIVE co-hosts @maclin & @spencervybes join the boys to discuss life after getting bullied off IMPAULSIVE, Mike’s first interaction with George since leaving, why Logan is the next Aristotle, Trump 2024, peeing in the streets, why people shouldn’t have kids, Mac & Mike meeting Jesus, slap fighting in Russia & more.”

He said in his IMPAULSIVE Podcast about the plans they had at first. “Okay, we give a brief synopsis because we’re never gonna make this movie. So this is when slap-fighting was popping off, this is before we even, when we first started like, yo this is entertaining. There’s a little meat on this bone. So we, uh, made the script that would be like the Flat Earth, half real and half fake. They wouldn’t know that we are like there filming scripted bits. Where I was gonna enter this competition, the Russin slap-fighting competition, and I was probably going to do well, and the antagonist the Russin slap-fighting champion, whose name is Dumpling, and I was supposedly going to meet him in the competition.”

Logan Paul plans to make movies in the future

Logan Paul is a YouTuber turned Boxer, who then turned into wrestling, but before he even joined wrestling full-time, he made eight appearances in different movies. Among them, ‘Baywatch’ which starred wrestler Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Paul appeared for a brief time in the movie. Another movie is ‘The Thinning’ where Logan played the lead role alongside Peyton List and Lia Marie Johnson.

Not so long ago, during his podcast, Logan shared his interest in making movies in the future. He said he had experienced most of the ‘crazy things’ in life and now he wants to someday make a movie like a professional director.

The 28-year-old WWE star will appear on this week’s SmackDown match card, where he will address Kevin Owens’s attack after he successfully retained his title. The next Friday Night SmackDown event is scheduled for February 2 at Legacy Arena.

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