Logan Paul discusses UFC bout possibility with WWE CCO Triple H: “I would totally do it”

Logan Paul made his mark in the crossover boxing realm like a blazing asteroid, but after his last victory against Dillon Danis, he has revealed that he is done with the sport. Now, the older Paul brother is busy with WWE where he is the United States Champion.

With the UFC and WWE being under the TKO banner, some athletes from each promotion have appeared on the other. Will Paul follow the said athletes and make a second transition to a new sport? Paul talked about it with Triple H in his recent Impaulsive podcast episode.

Logan Paul eager to make UFC debut

Triple H was a recent guest on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast days before WrestleMania XL. One of the topics of discussion on the podcast was regarding the after-effects of the WWE-UFC merger under TKO.

Rey Mysterio, a WWE athlete, recently attended a UFC event, and Michael Chandler, the UFC lightweight, attended Monday Night Raw where he made a Rock-esque callout of Conor McGregor. Now, Logan Paul, on the podcast, expressed interest in fighting in the UFC.

“I would do it. I would totally do it if for the right dance partner, yeah. I would love to do a UFC fight”, said Paul to Triple H of his interest in doing MMA. In addition to his experience as a boxer and WWE athlete, Paul reminded the WWE CCO of his high school wrestling career.

“And now that you guys(WWE and UFC) are partners, yeah, I think at the right time, sure, it could make a lot of sense”, Paul further added citing that the current scenario is the apt time to make his UFC debut.

Unlike Jake Paul, who has a contentious relationship with Dana White, the UFC CEO, Logan Paul has a cordial relationship. After all, Paul’s Prime Hydration is the Official Global Sports Drink of UFC.

Jake Paul is already signed with the PFL where he will make his MMA debut, possibly later this year. Since the brothers are known to take opposing stances, the chances of Logan Paul in the UFC are not far-fetched.

Triple H talks on Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson bout

The announcement of the fight between Jake Paul and Mike Tyson, which would be live-streamed on Netflix, took the combat sports community by storm. Many, including Dana White, Conor McGregor, and Eddie Hearn among others made their thoughts known about the fight.

Now, Triple H made his thoughts known about it on the Impaulsive podcast. “If the old Mike Tyson shows up for five minutes, like, how do you get past that, right? He doesn’t need to be there for the whole fight, just needs to be there for five minutes”, said Triple H who only had praise for both Jake Paul and Mike Tyson for taking up the fight.

Triple H acknowledged that Jake Paul is good at keeping his opponents at bay with his jabs but is wary of the younger Paul brother if Tyson could show his prime self for just a few minutes of the fight.

Nonetheless, Triple H does not have the opinion of his peers. Dana White, the UFC CEO, is very skeptical of the age gap between Tyson and Paul. Conor McGregor is skeptical of the interest in the fight whereas Eddie Hearn felt incredibly sad for the fight.

Will Logan Paul make his MMA debut with the UFC? Leave your thoughts about it below!


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