Logan Paul tears up in front of John Cena while recalling mistakes that ended friendship with The Rock

Logan Paul rose to fame as a YouTube sensation before venturing into wrestling. His career peaked when he collaborated with notable figures like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. However, a falling out occurred in 2017 due to a controversial incident where Paul recorded a sensitive topic.

In a recent interview with John Cena, Logan opened up about the emotional impact of parting ways with the Brahma Bull. The Maverick expressed visible distress while reflecting on that challenging period in his life.

Logan Paul gets upset about his breakup with The Rock

Logan Paul and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson shared an extraordinary connection during their collaboration in 2016. Their onscreen chemistry went viral through various videos and vlogs. Unfortunately, their relationship faced challenges when Paul’s controversial video involving sensitive issues created a disturbance in 2017.

Logan Paul
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The heart of the controversy was an expedition to the Aokigahara forest in Japan, resulting in widespread outrage and a difficult predicament for both parties. Noting that he and ‘The Rock’ are no longer in contact with one another, Paul voiced his dissatisfaction regarding the aftereffects.

Johnson sought to put some space between themselves and asked for the removal of any shared information, demonstrating how the contentious occurrence had affected their once-thriving connection.

In the discussion on IMPAULSIVE episode 407, logan Pail noted, “We were just great, and then Japan happened. I hurt him so much that he basically wanted nothing to do with me, and rightfully so, so I knew I let myself down, I knew I let my fans down, and I knew I let my family down, but my idol too. Man, it just stung so bad, and it wasn’t like I got the call from him.”

Logan Paul names Jonh Cena and The Rock as his idols

In a recent interview on IMPAULSIVE episode 407, WWE legend John Cena said that it was a “f**king stupid” choice to call out The Rock. Interestingly, Logan Paul spoke up about his personal feelings and the ramifications of his relationship with The Two Great One during this interview.

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Logan Paul thought back on the time he and The Rock were really close when The Rock was at the height of his YouTube fame. The two worked together in multiple videos, and Paul looked up to The Great One. The Maverick touted Cena and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as two major influences on his unconventional professional trajectory, with Johnson in particular serving as an idol to him.

The US champion said, “You [Cena] and Dwayne, I think were the people I definitely looked up to a lot when I was trying to figure out the blueprint for my career that didn’t exist. Dwayne especially, my idol… My hero and to the highest degree I wanted to be like Dwayne.”

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