Luce Cannon revealed Shaquille O’Neal’s ex-wife was his “sugar momma” before getting married to a pastor

Luce Cannon has shaken the basketball community with his claims about the ex-wife of NBA icon Shaquille O’Neal. He claimed to have a relationship of a sugar baby and sugar mommy with Shaq’s ex-wife.

Shaunie Henderson, Shaq’s ex-wife, has not commented on the revelations by Luce. As we dive deeper, the rapper’s statements become even more outrageous. Let’s examine what Luce really said about Henderson.

Luce Cannon disclosed Shaq’s ex-wife was his sugar momma

Luce Cannon appeared on the “No Jumper” podcast where he revealed intimate details about his relationship with Shaquille O’Neal’s ex-wife. He claimed that Shaunie was her sugar mommy and their relationship involved huge amounts of money.

Luce reportedly said, “She was like a sugar mommy to me…on the crib.” Cannon even claimed that he spent intimate time with Shaq’s ex-wife before she got married.

He reportedly said, “She’s gonna be mad as f*** when she sees this. But at the end of the day, Shaunie O’Neal knows what was up. I f***** her around two weeks before she got married to the Pastor… She told me that she needed some good d*** before she went down the aisle and I said, ‘I got you.” Luce Cannon also claimed that he received almost $50,000 from her “sugar-momma.”

This whole incident has sent shockwaves throughout the basketball community as people start to have mixed opinions about the claims and await a response from Shaunie Handerson.

Details on Shaq’s ex-wife Shaunie Henderson

Shaunie Henderson, formerly known as Shaunie O’Neal is the ex-wife of the NBA icon Shaquille O’Neal. She is a successful reality show producer, who has produced popular reality TV shows like Basketball Wives and Baller Wives.

She and Shaq tied the knot in 2002 after dating each other for two years. They had four children together. However the marriage issues grew and the couple separated in 2007. Shaq and Shaunie tried to make their relationship work once again and got back together shortly after separating.

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In 2009, Shaunie filed for divorce on the grounds of “Irreconcilable Differences,” and the couple proceeded with it. Since then, Shaq and Shaunie have co-parented their kids. Recently, in 2022, Shaunie decided to move on in her life and got married to Pastor Kelon Henderson.

What do you think of Luce Cannon’s claims about the ex-wife of Shaquille O’Neal? We are eager to know your opinions, so drop down in the comments and let us know.

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