Luis Rubiales arrest: why did Spanish police detain former RFEF chief?

Scandals in the sport of soccer are not a new thing and often damage the reputation of the sport. Often, it is the people at the top of the soccer pyramid who disappoint us with their actions. The former Spanish soccer federation’s president, Luis Rubiales, is one of them, having committed a very heinous action.

The former president had to quit his position after he was found guilty of forcibly kissing Spanish women’s national team player Jenni Hermoso. And now it seems he will have even more repercussions against him.

Why did Spanish police arrest Luis Rubiales?

Spanish police arrested Luis Rubiales on Wednesday after the former head of the Spanish federation landed in Madrid’s airport. He was just arriving from a trip to the Dominican Republic, and police were waiting outside the airport to arrest him.

The Spaniard is being investigated for a number of illegal acts committed during his position as the head of Spanish soccer’s governing body. He has been connected with many acts of corruption and misconduct, such as improper management of facilities. Specific cases include the rebuilding of Sevilla’s stadium and the decision to host Spanish Super Cup matches in Saudi Arabia. He is also accused of mismanaging the federation’s funds.

The arrest of Rubiales was already expected, as only two weeks ago his home in Granada was raided by police as well. It was to find evidence of corruption and other illegal charges levied against him. As he was on a business trip at the time in the Dominican Republic, they were unable to arrest him.

However, he voluntarily returned to Spain and was released from police custody shortly after being questioned. Aside from the previous charges mentioned, he is also fighting another case regarding the forced kiss on Jenni Hermoso. Spanish prosecutors reportedly want to give him a prison sentence of up to 2.5 years for sexual harassment and coercion.

What happened to Luis Rubiales’ Jenni Hermoso scandal?

The incident between Luis Rubiales and Jenni Hermoso had happened last year during the aftermath of the Women’s World Cup final in Sydney. After Spain had won the trophy and were waiting in line to receive their medals, Rubiales grabbed Hermoso and kissed her on the lips. Later, it was found out that the kiss was non-consensual and after much outrage, Rubiales had to step down from his position as head of the Spanish soccer federation. He was also banned from all soccer activities by FIFA itself.

Since then, Hermoso also launched a case against Rubiales for sexual misconduct and for also trying to coerce her into claiming the kiss was consensual. She had already testified in court, and her lawyers want Rubiales to pay a hefty €50,000 fine and be sentenced to around 30 months in prison. Former coach of the women’s team Jorge Vilda is also indicted, along with sporting director Albert Luque and marketing chief RubĂ©n Rivera. A restraining order of around 200 meters is also requested and there will be no communications for the next seven and a half years.

Luis Rubiales has always claimed innocence and that the kiss was consensual, and it remains to be seen whether he will be found guilty or not.

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