Luka Doncic once piped down Grant Williams after trash-talking went wrong during Mavs practice

Luka Doncic, the current POTW of the Western Conference, is on a tear through the league. His monstrous performances have helped him smash records and earn praise from NBA greats such as Allen Iverson.

The Slovenian is often seen in a jovial mood in the practices and pre-game sessions. He even made friends with Nikola Jokic during the NBA All-Star weekend. But when someone gets under his skin, the beast within emerges, as Grant Williams once found out in a humiliating experience.

Luka Doncic once shut down Grant Williams in assertive display

The assistant GM of the Dallas Mavericks, Michael Finley, shared an incident that involved Luka Doncic embarrassing his former teammate Grant Williams.

Finley recently told “105.3 The Fan” that during a practice session, Williams tried testing Doncic by persistently talking trash to him. At one point when it was unbearable for the 5-time All-Star, he gave it back to Williams without uttering a single word leaving him humiliated.

Continuing the story, Finley said, “Luka went on a 26-6 run by himself. … He showed everything, the threes, the post-up, the floaters, everything, by himself.” Among the on-lookers there were some guests in the gym, other players and coaching staff, “they’re on the sidelines oohing and ahhing. It was unbelievable”, described the 51-year-old.

Williams did not see it coming but he took the advice of the crowd and did not “poke the bear” again. The new addition of the Mavs was soon traded to the Charlotte Hornets in the last trade window. The Mavs star, Luka Doncic is continuing his stellar form recording his 17th triple-double behind the second-highest of the season which is only 4 behind Nikola Jokic’s 21.

Former NBA player explains Luka Doncic’s flaw in MVP race

Luka Doncic has secured his place in the contenders list for the 2024 NBA MVP title however, a former NBA player thinks he knows why Doncic might not get enough votes to win the title.

Luka Doncic
Team staff, players and officials run onto the court after an on court incident between Phoenix Suns’ Kevin Durant, second from top left, and Dallas Mavericks’ Grant Williams, second from top right, in the first half of an NBA basketball game in Dallas, Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2024. (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)(AP)

Eddie Johnson has recently spoken on “SiriusXM Radio” about Doncic’s behavior on-court which could hamper his opportunities of winning The Michael Jordan Trophy. Explaining his view the veteran said, “I think that’s what Luka has to improve on. And not that he’s not a nice guy. I think he’s obviously his teammates like him. It’s just his demeanor on the basketball court.”

The 25-year-old has often been seen getting into altercations with the opponent, game officials and court-side fans. Johnson fears that these could obstruct him from adding the prestigious title to his name.

Acknowledging the great talent that Luka is, Johnson said, “He complains a lot and I think it turns some people off and I’m thinking it might turn some voters off because he is having a great year, man.” The Mavs guard has shown outstanding individual performance this season, averaging 34.6 points, 9.1 rebounds and 9.9 assists while shooting at 38% from the 3-point range and 49.5% from the floor.

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