Luka Doncic takes mantle of Robin to Kyrie Irving’s Batman after Mavs blowout Kings

Luka Doncic with his record-breaking form throughout the season is taking the Mavs to new heights. Kyrie Irving has doubled the trouble with his Ramadan form to make things even more bothersome for the opponents.

The Dallas duo went on a rampage on Tuesday night to record a statement victory for the Mavs over the Domantas Sabonis-led Kings with a 132-96 blowout win. After the game, a jubilant Luka Doncic met with the courtside reporters and discussed his superheroic dynamic with Kyrie Irving.

Luka Doncic discusses his dynamic with Kyrie Irving

After dispatching the Sacramento Kings with a dominant performance, Luka Doncic spared some time for a post-game interview. Speaking of Kyrie Irving, the Slovenian said, “He’s the Batman, I’m the Robin.”

Talking about his connection with Irving and the team, he added, “Nah, just amazing, man. Every guy on our team is amazing. He’s just a great person, we get along so well. The chemistry is really good right now.”

While Doncic put himself in the cloak of Batman’s sidekick, his performance surpassed that of Kyrie Irving on the night. The 25-year-old scored 28 points with 6 assists and 11 rebounds. Scoring 10 out of his 18 FG attempts and 4 out of his 8 3-point attempts, Doncic showed why he is in the MVP race with his All-Star buddy Nikola Jokic.

Kyrie Irving was not far behind though. The point guard contributed 24 points to the team’s total while scoring 10 out of 19 field goal attempts and coming out successful on 4 occasions out of 9 3-point shots. Adding to that, Irving also notched up 3 rebounds and 8 assists.

The duo has been putting out miraculous performances throughout the month of March and now they have scaled the Western Conference ladder, making the sixth spot their own. But the court is not the only place where the Mavs superheroes are displaying their chemistry.

Luka Doncic, Kyrie Irving combine to donate $110K

The Dallas Mavericks Foundation has been an integral part of the Mavs identity since 1996. The foundation aims to give back to the Dallas community with aid to underprivileged youth, women and families. The Foundation has built 31 basketball courts and 24 Reading & Learning Centers throughout North Texas.

The franchise recently hosted its 9th annual “Mavs Ball”, a charity event dedicated to raising funds for the foundation. The ball was a success with almost $1.8 million raised including Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving’s contribution.

The duo came together to raise $110K for the event through the auctions for various packages and prizes. Luka Doncic won a bid of $33,000 for a personal skill camp with Kyrie Irving, who alongside Mark Cuban won a $77,000 bid each. Irving and Cuban will have the chance to play against the Slovenian national basketball team during a five-day trip to Doncic’s native country.

After the generous gesture for the community, the Mavs are locked in for a successful post-season run in which the Batman-Robin connection of Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic will have a massive role to play.

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