Malik Nabers’ comments on Jayden Daniels’ future adds fuel to Raiders rumors: “Partner with his old homie”

Jayden Daniels burst onto the scene as a true freshman by immediately showcasing his potential. Since then, he has continued to impress with his leadership on and off the field. He solidified his reputation as a rising star in the sport with each game. The quarterback has recently announced his draft and showcased his skills at his own pro day.

Speculation is swirling around the potential NFL destination for Daniels. The quarterback has been linked to both the Las Vegas Raiders and Washington Commanders. Recent comments from his ex-teammate Malik Nabers have only fueled the fire.

Malik Nabers’ hints Jayden Daniels’ might join Raiders

Malik Nabers, who also announced his draft recently, hinted that he knew where Jayden Daniels might land during an Instagram Live session.

“Yall are never going to believe it,” Malik Nabers said on Monday via The Cold Wire.

Nabers stopped short of explicitly naming the team. However, he cryptically suggested that Daniels could be joining forces with “an old homie.”

This cryptic clue has led many to speculate that Daniels could be headed to the Raiders, especially considering his previous ties with Raiders head coach Antonio Pierce during their time at Arizona State Sun Devils.

Daniels himself has earlier spoken about his connection with Pierce. He described it as “surreal” and acknowledged the professionalism Pierce displayed during their interactions.

“It was very surreal. Walking in that room and seeing (Pierce) … he was all professional and stuff (laughs). I looked at him, and … he did a great job asking me official questions. It was great”, he said.

This relationship, coupled with the Raiders’ keen interest in Daniels, suggests a strong possibility of a reunion at the professional level.

However, if the Raiders are truly committed to acquiring Daniels, they might have to consider executing a substantial trade to improve their position in the draft. Given the quarterback’s impressive performance in the 2023 season, it might be quite costly to acquire him. Nevertheless, for a team in need of a franchise quarterback, the potential benefits of acquiring a talent like Daniels could make such a daring decision worthwhile.

Jayden Daniels rumored to be drafted by Commanders

During his FS1 show, Colin Cowherd made a surprising revelation about Jayden Daniels’ possible future with the Commanders, causing quite a stir. He subtly alluded to having insider information about the Washington Commanders’ potential draft pick. Based on Cowherd’s source, it seems like the star quarterback is currently the leading candidate to be chosen by the Commanders.

“I’ve been told the Washington Commanders as of today would choose Jayden Daniels,” Cowherd said Monday.

Jayden Daniels
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With the Commanders eyeing Daniels, the prospect of him joining forces with new offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury is particularly intriguing. Kingsbury’s expertise in maximizing the potential of dual-threat quarterbacks like Kyler Murray and Caleb Williams bodes well for Daniels’ future success.

Daniels’ impressive performance last season after transferring from Arizona State to LSU has undoubtedly caught the attention of NFL scouts and analysts. In the 2023 season, he clinched the Heisman Trophy, joining the ranks of esteemed quarterbacks like Joe Burrow and Billy Cannon after recording 3,812 passing yards, 40 touchdowns, and four interceptions.


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