Malik Nabers lands cheeky jibe on QB Daniel Jones amid potential move to Giants

Following a remarkable stint with LSU, Malik Nabers has set his sights on the 2024 NFL draft, marking the beginning of his professional football journey. He has emerged as one of the top prospects after notable names like Caleb Williams and J.J. McArthy.

Meanwhile, amid the New York Giants’ quarterback uncertainties stemming from Daniel Jones’ injury-plagued previous season, speculations have surfaced regarding a potential collaboration between Nabers and the Giants, prompting him to share his take on the situation. 

Malik Nabers talks on Giants QB situation

Malik Nabers finds himself at the center of NFL draft speculation, with rumors swirling that he could potentially join the Giants. When asked about the possibility of playing for the Giants amidst their quarterback uncertainties, he expressed optimism.

The young star shared his confidence that the Giants would address their quarterback situation to accommodate a receiver of his caliber, sharing the importance of having a quarterback who can deliver the ball effectively.

“That’s a decision that’s going to have to be placed when I hear my name called. I don’t know where I’m going. Going to New York, it wouldn’t be a bad idea. The quarterback situation, I know they’re going to figure it out, especially if they have a caliber receiver coming like me. They’re going to want to get me the ball, so I’m sure they’re going to want to have a quarterback that can do that.”

With his experience as the go-to receiver for Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Jayden Daniels in college, Nabers is ready to make a big splash in the pros. Boasting an impressive 1,569 receiving yards and 14 touchdowns in his final season at LSU, this guy is being hailed as one of the cream of the crop among receiver prospects in this year’s draft class.

Should the Giants opt to bolster their receiving corps, the LSU receiver emerges as a compelling choice. His proven ability to generate significant yardage and find the end zone aligns perfectly with the offensive needs of the Giants, offering a promising solution to their scoring woes in upcoming seasons.

Daniel Jones 2023 NFL season in numbers

The 2023 NFL season was a challenging one for Giants quarterback Daniel Jones, as he sustained multiple injuries that ultimately led to him being sidelined for the remainder of the season. His statistics reflected the struggles he faced, with just 909 passing yards, two touchdowns, and six interceptions in six games.

Throughout the past season, Jones’ determination to bounce back was evident, particularly after he missed three games due to a neck injury. Nevertheless, his hopes for a resurgence were dashed during the Week 9 matchup against the Las Vegas Raiders, where the Giants suffered a disappointing 30-9 defeat. 

The nature of Jones’ injury, described as a non-contact knee injury sustained while attempting to evade pressure.

General manager Joe Schoen has expressed confidence in Jones’ abilities, stating that if the quarterback is healthy, he will continue to lead the Giants’ offense in the upcoming season, per Yet, given the uncertainty surrounding Jones’ recovery from surgery, the Giants may need to explore acquiring another quarterback during the offseason to ensure the team’s stability at the position.

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