Malika Andrews finally breaks silence over Josh Giddey scandal after coming under fire from NBA Twitter

The Oklahoma City Thunder’s shooting guard Josh Giddey, after joining the franchise in the 2021 NBA draft, had begun to gain a significant spot in the team’s roster. However, Giddey’s spot in the roster now seems threatened with his latest off-court allegations of involvement with a minor.

NBA media personality Malika Andrews has seemingly bowed to fans’ pressure on social media and revealed vital sides to the sensitive story.

Malika Andrews gets dragged into Josh Giddey scandal

The NBA fans have been dragging American Sports Journalist Malika Andrews over the ongoing controversy involving Josh Giddey and a minor. According to reports, the fans are seriously calling out Malika Andrews for not yet commenting on Josh Giddey’s minor involvement case. The fans took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to make their feelings known on the viral topic.

A fan stated that Malika Andrews is still quiet on Josh Giddey, and there are no surprises, which was already expected from her kind. Another fan also commented by demanding Malika Andrews to bring up Josh Giddey’s allegations with immediate effect.

While the fans are expressing their displeasure over ESPN’s choice of being mute on the case, some believe that ESPN might be avoiding the situation because of its alleged nature.  The media outlet could also be avoiding lawsuits because of the lack of clarity of details since age of the girl and the date on which the pictures and videos were taken aren’t certain.

Reporter breaks silence over Josh Giddey scandal

Josh Giddey has been in the headlines lately for allegations of him having a relationship with a minor. The allegations were fueled when pictures and videos of Josh Giddey and the reported underage girl, Livv Cook, circulated the internet, after an anonymous user initially shared the controversial content before taking it down.

Malika Andrews the ESPN staff open over Josh Giddey's scandal after coming under fire from NBA Twitter
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With the viral content gaining mass attention as the day goes by, the NBA fans have been blasting the NBA’s top reporter, Malika Andrews, for being mute, she finally commented on the issue after much pressure during the NBA Today show.

Upon bringing up the issue, Malika Andrews shed more light on the case, which covered reports from the Oklahoma City Thunder’s head coach Mark Daigneault, and the NBA’s spokesperson.

Andrews has acknowledged the recent case of Josh Giddey and a reported minor, stated that Giddey has continued to play for the OKC despite the allegations, which coach Mark Daigneault affirmed that Giddey will continue in the team according to the information they have now.

The matter is now in the hands of the league. According to Malika Andrews, the NBA is still in the process of gathering information, and they will continue to update the story as the news develops.

Since the allegations took the internet, neither Josh Giddey nor the Oklahoma City Thunder has commented on the viral issue. The head coach Mark Daigneault’s comment recently makes the first which has surfaced from the Oklahoma City Thunder.

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