Martin Brundle once hilariously interviewed NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal in F1 German GP Hockenheim 2001

Martin Brundle is one of the few names in Formula 1 history which has always remained in every spectator and fan’s heart. He may not have won championships, but the sheer excitement of his commentary gets their hearts racing. Martin Brundle can often be heard commenting on a daring move made by a driver for an overtake, and the way he frames his words makes it feel like a victory even before the race.

Once NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal and Martin Brundle shared a hilarious connection together in a witty interview during the German GP. While Hockenheim has not appeared on the Formula 1 calendar for a long time, it still shares a special connection to dedicated Formula 1 fans who relive their fond memories.

Martin Brundle’s hilarious Shaquille O’Neal 2001 interview

Martin Brundle is known for his weird encounters with celebrities and VIPs during the grid walk just before the race starts and the 2001 German GP was a prime example of this feat. NBA great Shaquille O’Neal had joined in to watch Formula 1, when he was intercepted by Martin and interviewed lightheartedly.

Shaq was more than pleased to be a part of this banter and he suggested that he will release a new music album in the following year and book in German called “Shaq talks Back”.

The atmosphere was jovial and humorous but, Martin further went on to make the F1 Supremo, Bernie Ecclestone, stand beside Shaq just to compare how tall Shaq was. He also commented on the close relationship apparent between the duo during grid walk, asking if they were best friends. But Bernie had an even heartwarming response claiming, “We are brothers.”

Martin Brundle voices disappointment with Max Verstappen complain

It is quite evident that Max Verstappen wasn’t interested in the Las Vegas GP one bit and he just wanted to finish the race and go back. However, the recent format of driver introductions, particularly annoyed Verstappen and he further went on to claim that the drivers were presented like ‘clowns’.

Martin Brundle
Driver introductions in Las Vegas GP via Racingnews365

Peter Windsor has already rebuked Max Verstappen for the uncontrolled swearing over radio, asking FIA to introduce stricter rules regarding the same. Max Verstappen’s recent comments didn’t seem respectful enough to Brundle who didn’t hold back from advising Max against the same.

“If he doesn’t like it, I’m not sure he needs to say anything at all. I was a bit disappointed with that, because standing on a rostrum, coming up and waving, a lot of adulation from the fans, it’s not the worst job in the world, is it?” said Brundle.

Martin Brundle
Brundle rebukes Max via Daily Express

“It’s not that difficult. You’re not on shift work or down the mines, or something. So I don’t understand why he feels so negative about it,” 

Martin Brundle
Max wins Las Vegas GP via Al Jazeera

In-spite of the criticisms, there was no obstacle that could stop Max Verstappen from winning the Las Vegas GP.

Did you enjoy the race or were you too distracted by the Las Vegas sphere to notice any action?


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