Marvin Harrison Jr.’s “silencer” celebration earns shoutout from LeBron James: “he’s H.I.M”

Marvin Harrison Jr., the star college athlete, has already established a stellar resume to be considered the best receiver in the upcoming NFL draft class by a landslide. The  Ohio State receiver played a vital role in their  37-17 victory over Maryland with his unique blend of power and athletic prowess.

However, after the stunning performances, Harrison pulled out one of LeBron James’s popular celebrations on the field. The NBA star also remained quick to recognize his recreated celebration from the college star.

Marvin Harrison Jr. earns LeBron shoutout

Throughout the first half of their matchup with Maryland, Ohio State’s offense struggled. Then, to help get things moving, standout receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. came out with his amazing footwork. The game’s circumstances quickly changed as he assumed the load on his shoulders.

Nevertheless, during the game, after linking up on a 17-yard touchdown pass, Marvin hit LeBron James’ coveted “Silencer” celebration. He chose to copy James as he knew Bryce James, the younger son of LeBron James, was in attendance at the stadium on an unofficial visit. 

Following the game, Harrison revealed that LeBron’s contribution to Ohio State football prompted him to give him a shoutout through the NBA star’s celebration in front of Bryce.

“I had a special gift with the LeBron cleats today from Nike. LeBron does a lot for Ohio State as a whole, so I needed to give him a shoutout there.”

LeBron did not delay in accepting Marvin’s shoutout that he expressed through an Instagram story titled “ When I say he’s H.I.M. That’s exactly what I mean!!! Stop playing with em 18!!!!!”

Marvin harrson Jr.

The collegiate star is drawing notice as one of the top young receivers in the country because, after five games this season, he has nearly 400 receiving yards and three touchdowns.

Ohio State WR’s game by numbers

The Ohio State football team is off to a good start this season, winning all five games so far. However, in his debut match against Indiana, Marvin Harrison Jr. came out as a latent weapon for the Buckeyes by connecting two interceptions. 

In his second battle under the wings of the Buckeyes, the receiver proved it again, recording seven catches while rushing for 160 yards with two touchdowns against Youngstown State. One week later, as his team faced Western Kentucky, Harrison amassed five receptions with 160 rushing yards and two touchdowns.

image 322

In their 3-point win against Notre Dame, the Ohio star’s productivity took a hit as he was not able to record any interceptions while rushing for 32 yards and scoring only 3 receptions. Additionally, in their latest convincing win against Maryland, Marvin Harrison Jr. again regained his track and assisted his team in having eight catches while rushing for 163 yards with one touchdown.

The Buckeyes are set to face Purdue on October 14. Do you think they can maintain their winning streak by defeating Purdue? Tell us your views on this in the comments.

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