Matt Riddle reveals real reason behind WWE exit: “I went to the strip club and did some cocaine”

Matt Riddle’s unannounced exit from WWE in 2023 was the result of a slew of incidents surrounding his actions outside of the ring. While he was employed by WWE, he twice broke the company’s Wellness Policy and went to rehabilitation.

While drug use isn’t legal in the industry, Riddle’s addiction thankfully didn’t escalate to a tragic outcome. Despite his fame, he has addressed the reasons for his failed drug tests. But instead of going public with his violation, WWE decided to address it behind closed doors by fining him.

Matt Riddle admits failing drugs test due to cocaine intake

After an injury angle terminated his broadcast career in December 2022, WWE punished Matt Riddle for 60 days for violating a second wellness policy test. He has previously had a failed test that resulted in a rescheduled match because of an incident with Seth Rollins.

There were rumors about drug connection, but WWE chose to remain silent on this matter. After a comeback in April 2023, Riddle was dismissed in September 2023 after a public altercation at JFK airport. 

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Among the reasons Riddle cited for leaving WWE in September 2023 was a string of failed drug tests, which he detailed during a recent interview on The MMA Hour. The birth of his baby and his hectic WWE schedule were two of the obstacles he mentioned while discussing his conflicting emotions on his dismissal.

Addressing the causes of his departure, he said, “There were multiple variables that played into my departure… failing a couple of drug tests, you know. For me, at least, the writing was on the wall.” 

Additionally, he discussed WWE’s handling of his two offenses, stating, “No, they didn’t make any of the offenses public. They wanted to keep it on the hush hush and they punished me by fining me. I went to the strip club and did some cocaine a couple of times and I failed the drug test.”

Matt Riddle claims WWE exit a blessing in disguise

The United States Championship and the RAW Tag Team Championship were among the many titles Riddle won until he was released by WWE in September 2023. Reflecting on his departure in the interview, Riddle expressed a sense of relief, admitting that while he brought talent and entertainment, he didn’t quite fit WWE’s image at the time. However, he can’t say he doesn’t regret missing the chance to fight Brock Lesnar, who was one of his dream opponents. 

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Considering his contract arrangement, Riddle may be able to make more money after leaving WWE, something he brought up during negotiations about the financial consequences of leaving. This was probably a factor in WWE’s decision, coupled with his drug test failures.

The former US champion expressed his gratitude for his tenure with WWE even though he was relieved to be departing, saying, “But at the same time, I think it was best for everybody… it was probably one of the biggest reliefs I’ve had in a long time.”

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