Max Strus stuns Mavs, Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce with half-court game-winner

The Cleveland Cavaliers have been part of many historic moments in the league and have been led by inspiring performances from LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and now, Max Strus, who gave the fans a spectacular spectacle with his shooting clinic.

Earlier today, the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Dallas Mavericks in an unforgettable fashion, a performance that truly shocked the sporting world’s finest such as Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce.

Max Strus goes viral with last-second half-court game-winner

The Cleveland Cavaliers faced a daunting task when they took on the mighty Dallas Mavericks. The Mavs possessed not just one but two threats along the likes of Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving but in the end, it was the Cleveland Cavs that celebrated with joy and admiration in front of their lovely home crowd.

Max Strus
Max Strus gave the fans a performance that they will remember for a long time via Getty Images

All praise goes to Max Strus who lifted the team magnanimously when the Cavs were down by ten. While most teams would’ve called it a day considering the gap, Max Strus and the Cavs did not even think of it.

Strus understood his assignment and decided to bear the burden of elevating his team without any hesitation. He knocked down one three. He knocked down a second three. He knocked down a third. Max Strus went onto knock down a fourth three and he did it all in a span of 67 seconds. Strus’ heat check was absolutely crucial for the Cavs to get close to the marvelous Mavs who gave the home team a tough fight.

However, much to the Mavs’ dismay, the magic of Max Strus did not stop there. With less than three seconds on the clock, the Cavs were trailing, thanks to an emphatic basket by PJ Washington.

Having no timeouts left, the Cavs inbounded the ball to center Evan Mobley to push the ball back to Max Strus. Taking a single dribble to settle, Strus flung the ball into the oblivion as everyone in the arena stared at the ball Strus shot. And they roared. Max Strus knocked a massive hail-Mary basket from beyond half-court to seal the game for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Max Strus
Max Strus knocked down one of the best game-winners of the year via Associated Press

Max Strus’ magnificent shot was the second-farthest game-winner in the three-point era with a whopping distance of 59 feet. Fans around the world took their time to view the game and pay their homage to the legend of Max Strus.

Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, fans react to Max Strus’ clutch moment

Ever since Max Strus knocked down his buzzer-beater game-winner, it has been the talk of the sports world with multiple celebrities and the biggest athletes chiming in. Following the game, this year’s Super Bowl winners Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce took a moment to enjoy the heated matchup between the two teams.

Max Strus
Moments before Strus knocked down the game-winner via Associated Press

Kelce, who has been an avid Cavaliers fan, lauded the team for their dominant performances while one of football’s finest, Patrick Mahomes, was stunned at the magic of the Cavs and mentioned his teammate Travis Kelce in a tweet showcasing Max Strus’ brilliance. Mahomes took to Twitter and said in disbelief, “Ain’t no way.”

Seeing Mahomes’ tweet, Kelce replied, “Straight cash!!! Them boys got the juice right now!!”

The NBA community too expressed their awe and amazement on witnessing Strus’ late antics. Posting a picture of the star taking the shot, a user said, “Majestic.”

Another fan termed the game-winner and the game as the best he had seen this decade. The user said, “BEST BUZZER BEATER AND GAME OF DECADE.”

Without a doubt, Max Strus has cemented his place in NBA’s and the Cleveland Cavaliers’ history books, adding him to the list of stars who have miraculously led their teams to an iconic victory, a victory that Strus will not forget anytime soon.

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