Max Verstappen aims to break another Lewis Hamilton record after confessing he does not miss their F1 rivalry: “I don’t miss duels with him”

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton had the greatest before the advent of the ‘ground-effects era’ in Formula 1. It started all the way in 2021 and within 2 years, their racing incidents flourished into full-fledged track battles. Both of the drivers have made their mark in the sport in a promptly unique way and their racing styles differ a lot.

Max Verstappen recently made some shocking statements about Lewis but it looks like even the indifferent Dutch can’t keep himself away from eyeing greatness. There is no argument that Lewis Hamilton currently sits on top of Formula 1 statistics, but Max Verstappen has been catching up to him quite quickly lately.

Max Verstappen eyes Lewis Hamilton record

Max Verstappen has broken numerous records this year and most of them were considered inconceivable before Max’s 2023 season. The list of records goes on, but the thirst for greatness inside Max hasn’t quenched yet. Max Verstappen used to think that winning a GP and maybe a driver’s title would satisfy him in an adventurous Formula 1 career.

Max Verstappen
Verstappen intends to compete with Hamilton via Autosport

But it seems like Max has gotten so used to the glory that he can’t stop himself from eyeing more records or achievements. Lewis Hamilton is a consistent driver, and it has been proven by the fact that he currently holds the streak of most races with consecutive point finishes in his career. In fact, Lewis Hamilton has finished 48 races in the top 10 without any hindrance. Max Verstappen isn’t far away, however, and he has successfully garnered a points finish for 41 races consecutively.

Max Verstappen
7 races to go via F1

“Just a record, maybe I can break it,” was Verstappen’s response when asked about the record and its significance to him. If all goes well Verstappen will equal Lewis’s record by the Miami GP last year and break it in the Emilia Romagna GP.

Max Verstappen talks about his rivalry with Lewis Hamilton

While the media likes to highlight their relationship as that of archnemeses, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton do not share such a deep bond. In fact, when Max Verstappen was asked about his rivalry with Lewis Hamilton in an interview, he gave a shocking answer, much to the dismay of the fans and community.

Max expressed his disinterest in any kind of rivalry with Hamilton by commenting that he doesn’t miss their duels; in fact, he is more satisfied with how the season went by in a breeze.

Max Verstapppen
Verstappen denies rivalry with Hamilton via Getty

“I don’t miss duels with him,” Verstappen told. “I’m happy with how this season went. Of course, I appreciate the duels we once had. But now I appreciate above all the successes that we can celebrate as a team.”

Max has fully prepared himself for the 2024 skirmishes and he is looking forward to another season after receiving the trophy for his current successes. Who is the favorite driver to win the championship next season? Tell us in the comments.


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