Max Verstappen clinches two additional accolades to cap record-breaking F1 season after Fernando Alonso’s challenge

Without a shadow of a doubt, Max Verstappen has ascended to the pinnacle of his career at a remarkably young age. Throughout the season, the Dutch driver not only demonstrated his extraordinary talent on the track but has also shattered numerous records, leaving spectators in awe.

As a three-time World Champion, Verstappen has added yet another achievement to his illustrious list of victories, further enhancing Red Bull’s sense of pride.

Verstappen adds two more achievements to collection

The Red Bull driver has clinched three consecutive Championship in a single season, securing his status as the most dominant driver racing on the grid. In this remarkable season of Formula One, Verstappen grabbed the third position on the all-time win list and more significantly broke the barrier of 1,000 laps in the lead.

Adding another feature to his list of fame, the driver has claimed the honor of driving the fastest laps of this season, taking his tally up to nine in total. In this category, Lewis Hamilton is behind with four fastest laps, while Sergio Perez has two. This achievement not only solidifies Verstappen’s dominance but also demonstrates his relentless efforts while being present on the track.

Moreover, the Dutchman has also secured the pole position award, starting from the P1 spot 12 times in the dominant RB19. This dual accomplishment of securing both the fastest laps and pole positions shows the importance of Verstappen’s presence at Red Bull.

Alonso proposes dramatic race challenge to Max Verstappen

In a landscape where many drivers eagerly aspire to challenge the formidable force of the industry,Fernando Alonso stands among them. Despite Verstappen’s absolute dominance throughout the 2023 season, Alono showed a glimpse of his potential, suggesting that, under different circumstances, he might have secured his impressive tally of 32 race victories.

Following the conclusion of the Abu Dhabi GP, a unique moment unfolded when Alonso was “interviewed” by Verstappen live during the Viaplay broadcast. While the Spanish driver was approaching the interview with seriousness, discussing his race victories, the Dutch driver injected a more playful tone into the conversation.

As the conversation switched to their winter break plans, Stappen said, “I am testing in GT3 if you want. in Portimao, maybe we can meet in the middle?” to which Alonso’s response was, “Me in Oregon; with the DTM, maybe I can beat you there.”

The 2006 World Champion is confident of beating Verstappen in the remaining years of his career if he is provided with capable machinery to match his performance.

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