Max Verstappen ready to sacrifice F1 success to end 36-year drought of beloved part of his life

Max Verstappen has claimed success in Formula 1 in such a way that he is about to write a legend of his own name through the performance and near-perfect results he is accumulating every weekend, not to mention the numerous records broken by him in his quest for the top.

Now, one would expect that a high-performance, fast-paced racer like Max Verstappen would undoubtedly leave his hobbies or the minimal things a common man wants, just to extract the very best out of his car and to rise to the top of the game. But Max Verstappen has surprisingly disagreed with this notion.

Max Verstappen ready to sacrifice F1 glory

Max Verstappen has shocked the entire fanbase by stating that he can easily sacrifice F1 glory. Now you must be wondering about what could be so important that a success and legendary driver like Max Verstappen can sacrifice glory for.

Verstappen/Ricciardo football training *video* Red Bull

It turns out that Philips Sport Vereniging is Max Verstappen’s favorite team and he loves PSV to such an extent that Verstappen is ready to sacrifice his wins for PSV’s sake. Yes, you read that right. In an interview, Max opened up, saying, “……then if I don’t win any races, PSV may win the champions league”. He expressed his wishes that he could sacrifice his race wins and ultimately his future in F1 just for the sake of PSV.

The last time PSV won the Champions League was way back in the 1998-1999 season and it still saddens Max Verstappen to the point that he can give up his own race for the sake of his favorite team.

Verstappen linked up with Virgil Van Dijk despite rival affiliation

In a rather interesting turn of events, however, Max Verstappen has been linked to Liverpool. Liverpool are like the sworn enemies of PSV, just the way Lewis Hamilton has been to Max Verstappen in 2021. It may come off as surprising to the PSV fans, who had such die-hard support from the Dutch hero.

Liverpool's Trent Alexander-Arnold and Virgil van Dijk meet Max Verstappen  at British GP - Mirror Online
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However, Max Verstappen cleared up this matter by explaining his affiliation with Van Djik: “I am a United fan, it’s not like I am a die-hard United fan. I mean, I am talking to Virgil and Liverpool players, stuff like that. For me, I enjoy it when a see a good football match and I think Premier League is the best league out there. It has a lot of great players. I think Man City are winning a little bit too much, but then again, I can say the same about us. The other teams need to get better.”

Lewandowski, Van Dijk and Mbappe reacts to Max Verstappen's win over Lewis  Hamilton in the F1 World Championship 2021 – FirstSportz

This came as a sigh of relief for the PSV lovers who thought Verstappen had deserted them for their rivals, Liverpool.

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